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IBPS PO Prelims : Quantitative Aptitude Questions Asked

Published on Sunday, October 04, 2015
IBPS PO Prelims : Quantitative Aptitude Questions Asked on 3 October 2015 and 4 October 2015 (Based on memory) :-


A, B and C started business investing Rs. 20,000/-, Rs. 60,000/- and Rs.70,000/-respectively. After four months A adds twice the amount he already invested ,B adds half of investment .After one year they earn profit 10,000. What is the profit earn by B.1) Rs 2500 2) Rs 3000 3) Rs 2200 4) Rs 2100 5) Rs 2800


6 men and 8 women can complete the work in 10 days and 26 men and 48 women able to complete their work in 2 days . In how many days 15 men and 20 women will able to complete their work.

1) 10 days 2) 5 days 3) 4 days 4) 8 days 5) 6 days


What is rate of interest ,if man invested Rs 5000/- at certain rate of interest for a period of 2years and difference between compound interest and simple interest is Rs 10121/-.

1) 10% 2) 15% 3) 16% 4) 22% 5) 20%


The age of priya is two times age of sumit ,the present age of sumit five times age of gopal three years ago.Sumit age is twice the age of gopal three years hence . What is age of priya after three years.

1) 43yrs 2) 45yrs 3) 55yrs 4) 20yrs 5) 40yrs


A do a piece of work in 14days and B can do same piece of work in 21 days.They doing together but 3 days before completion of work A leaves off.Total number of days of complete the work.

1) 11 1/6days 2) 8 2/5 days 3) 10 1/5days 4) 5 5/7days 5) 7 4/3days


Naveen invested sum of Rs 96000/- in a scheme for 4 years . For first two years scheme offers simple rate of interest at a rate of 7pcpa and than compound interest at a rate of 10pcpa for 3rd and 4th year.What is total amount of interest earned by Naveen in four years .

1) Rs 34200 2) Rs 28900 3) Rs 25000 4) Rs 32000 5) Rs 33600


Time taken by three pipes A,B,C, to fill the tank is 6 hours .After working together pipe for 2 hours pipe A is closed and B ,C fill the remaining tank in 8 hours. In what time A alone will fill the tank .

1)12 hours 2) 15hours 3) 9 hours 4) 8 hours 5) 11 hours

Q8 Data sufficiency

What was profit earned by selling a product at 40% profit .

1.If selling price of product is 140% of cost price.
2.The difference between cost price and selling price is Rs 60/-

1)Statement 1 is enough
2)Statement 2 is enough
3)Need both 1 &2 to answer
4)Neither 1&2
5)Either 1 or 2 statement.


A boat while going downstream take one hour less as compared to upstream .Speed of boat is 60km/hr in still water and speed of current is 10km/hr .What is the distance covered by the boat .

1)200km 2)175km 3)250km 4)180km 5)150km\



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