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IBPS PO Prelims : Reasoning Inequalities

Published on Sunday, October 04, 2015
In a series of sharing questions asked in IBPS PO Prelims exams in first two days, today I am sharing Inequalities questions asked :-
Q (1 - 5) In these questions, relationship between different elements is shown in the statements. These statements are followed by two conclusions.
Give Answer
(A) If only Conclusion I is true
(B) If only Conclusion II is true
(C) If either Conclusion I or II is true
(D) If neither Conclusion I nor II is true
(E) If both conclusions I and II is true 

Q1. Statements   H ≥ I = J > K ≤ L
I.   K < H
II.  L ≥ I

Q2. Statements S > C ≥ O, P < C
I.  O < P
II. S > P 

Q3. Statements A = B ≤ C, A > R
I.  B > R
II. R < C

Q4. Statements D > E   F, J < F
I.  D > J
II. E < J

Q5. Statements P < Q > T, R 
I.  R > P
II. T < R


Answer 1.    (Option A)
I. K < H  is True
II. L  I  is False
Only Conclusion I is True hence answer is Option A.

Answer 2.    (Option B)
I. O < P  is False
II. S > P  is True
Only Conclusion II is True hence answer is Option B.

Answer 3.    (Option E)
Given that, A = B  C
and             A > R
On combining the statement we will get : R < A = B   C
I. B > R  is True
II. R < C  is True
Both the conclusions are True hence answer is Option E

Answer 4.    (Option D)
Given that, D > E  F
and             J < F
On combining the statement we will get : D > E  F  > J
I. D > J  is False
II. E < J  is False 
Both Conclusions are False  hence answer is Option D

Answer 5.    (Option E)
Given that, P < Q > T
and             R   Q
On combining the statement we will get : 
P < Q  R and R  Q > T
I. R > P  is True
II. T < R  is True 
Both Conclusions are True   hence answer is Option E

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