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Logical Reasoning Set - Coding/Decoding for IBPS PO Mains

Published on Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Coding decoding is one of the easiest chapters of IBPS exams. One can expect 5 questions based on coding /decoding in I.B.P.S. exams for P.O. and Clerk ,so understanding of this section is very important as one can solve these questions easily and score good marks in this section.
coding decoding

==>> Before going ahead I recommend you to read Coding Decoding Tricks here

These questions involves understanding the pattern and relationship between given pair, on it's basis we have to find the code for that word,like 'good work definitely pays' code for which given code is 'bd jq hl pr' in this each word is coded and code is given but not in order so on basis on different statement we have to find the code for each word and answer the following questions.

Study the following information carefully and answan er the questions given below :

In a certain code language ,
‘good work definitely pays’ is written as ‘bd jq hl pr’
‘you did good job’is written as ‘on pr dm st’
‘job pays good amount’ is written as ‘pr mi on jq’
‘did he work properly’ is written as ‘hl zy st ex’

Q1. What is the code for ‘properly’ in the given code language ?
1)hl    2)bd    3)either’ dm’or ‘st’  4)pr       5)either ‘zy’ or ‘’ex’

Q2. In the given code language what does ‘bd’ stand for ?
1)good   2)pays  3) did  4) properly  5)None of these

Q3. What is the code for ‘did see definitely’ in the given code language ?
1)cv bd on   2)st pr cv  3) jq bd st   4)pr cv bd  5)cv st bd  

Q4. What is code for ‘ good job’?
1) bd st 2) on pr 3) pr mi 4) hi on 5) None of these

Q5. What is code for ‘he’ in the given code language ?
1)mi        2) pr      3) st      4) either ‘zy’ or ‘ex’           5) None of these

Part 2

In a certain code
‘all work done respected’ is written as ‘cil kn re la’
‘work  define  the income’ is written as ‘dis ta kn pq’
‘respected and income help’ is written as ‘nt dis sin cil’
‘Income help define standard ’is written as ‘dis sin ta ph’

Q6. What is the code for ‘work’?
1)kn   2)ta   3)pq   4)cil   5)None of these

Q7. Which of the following  is the code for ‘all done standard help’?
1) la ta sin ph   2)re la ph sin   3)ra nt cil ta  4)la cil sin ph   5)None of these

Q8. ’re ‘ is the code for which of the following ?
1)all  2)done  3)work   4)respected   5)Either 1) or 2)

Q9.  What does  code ‘cil’ stand for ?
1)define  2)Income    3)respected    4)    work  5)and 

Q10. How is ‘income’ written in the code language ?
1)ph  2)nt   3)kn    4)dis     5)sin



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