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Reasoning - Directions Test questions for IBPS PO Mains

Published on Wednesday, October 14, 2015
In reasoning, Directions chapter is a scoring chapter. Today I am going to share few practice questions important for IBPS PO Mains exam.

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Q1. While facing East you turn to your left and walk 10 yards. Then , turn to your left and walk 10 yards and now turn 450 to your right and go straight to cover 50 yards. Now, in what direction are you with respect to the starting point:
a) North - East
b) North - West
c) North
d) South East 
e) None of The Above


Answer 1.   (Option B)

From the above diagram it clearly shows that your face would be North - West direction from the starting point.
Q2. Rani and Sarita started from a place X. Rani went West and Sarita went North, both travelling with the same speed. After sometime, both turned their left and walked a few steps, if they again turned to their left, in which directions' the faces of Rani and Sarita will be with respect to X?
a) North and East
b) North and West
c) West and North
d) East and South


Answer 2.   (Option D)

Above diagram clearly shows that after walking Rani's face is in East Direction and Sarita's face is in South Direction so answer is East - South respectively. 

Q3. Sachin Tendulkar hits a ball towards North in a one day international cricket match between India and Pakistan. A Pakistani fielder, Shahid Afridi comes straight from East to field the ball. Which direction does Shahid Afridi come from to field the ball?
a) South
b) North
c) West
d) East


Answer 3.   (Option D)

The answer is in the question, as the question describes that Shahid Afridi come from East to field the ball so simply answer is east. Above given diagram clearly describe the scene.

Q4. Raj is standing in the middle of a square field. He starts walking diagonally to North - East. Then, he turns right and reaches the far end of the field. Then, he turns right and start walking. In the midway, he again turns right and start walking. In halfway, he turns to his left and reaches a new far end. In what direction is Raj now?
a) North
b) South - West
c) North - West
d) South


Answer 4.  (Option B)

In the above given diagram, you can clearly see the starting point. As per the question Raj walks diagonally to North East that is shown in diagram with arrow and number 1. Then he turns right and reach far end that is shown in the diagram with number 2. Then Raj again turns right and reach the midway shown in the diagram with number 3. After three steps he again turns to his right and reach halfway from where he started walking shown in the diagram with number 4. In the last 5th step he takes his left and reached at far end. Now he is in the South - West Direction you can clearly see in the above given diagram.
Q5. The time in a clock is quarter past twelve. If the hour hand points to the East in the same time on clock, which is the direction opposite to the minute hand?
a) South - West
b) South
c) North
d) West


Answer 5.  (Option C)

                                                            Original Position 

                                                                 After Shifting 
(Quarter past Twelve means 12:15. After shifting, Hour Hand is pointing towards East and Minute Hand is pointing towards South  so opposite direction to minute hand is North).
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