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Reasoning Puzzles Questions for IBPS PO

Published on Friday, July 24, 2020
Here the puzzle question. Try to solve this and share your scores. Keep practicing !!

Before solving this set, read How to solve Reasoning Puzzles Quickly

reasoning puzzle


1. Directions: Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

Eight boxes namely P, R, S, T, U, V, Wand X are placed from top to bottom not in the same order. They contain different flavours of cake among Pineapple, Butter White, Cappuccino, Cherry Marble, Black Forest, Milk Chocolate, Chocolate Almond and Raspberry. Boxes are made up of different materials among steel, plastic, wood and card box. Exactly two boxes are made of same material. Consider top as 1st position. The following information is known about them.
  1. There is one box between Box R and Box T and Box T is made up of plastic and both are in the top 4 positions when boxes are arranged from top to bottom.
  2. The box containing Cherry Marble is kept immediately below wooden box and is made up of same material as T.
  3. Box S is kept somewhere between W and X and X being below S.
  4. The two cardboard boxes are kept vertically adjacent to each other and one of the cardboard boxes is immediately under the plastic box.
  5. Cappuccino cake is kept exactly between V and the box containing Milk Chocolate.
  6. X doesn't contain Pineapple cake.
  7. There is one box between Box U and Box W, and W is kept immediately below the box containing Cherry Marble cake.
  8. The box containing Raspberry cake is placed at even numbered place but is not placed at the bottom.
  9. The steel box which is kept at top either contains Pineapple or chocolate almond cake.
  10. Box U is not made up of cardboard.
  11. V which contains Black Forest cake is made up of wood and among top five.
  12. The box containing Butter White cake is made up of wood.
  13. S doesn't contain any of Pineapple or Raspberry cake.


Q.1 Which box contains Butter White cake? 
a) P
b) R
c) T
d) X
e) S

Q.2 Which box is made up of wood?
a) V
b) X
c) U
d) S
e) Both (a) and (b)

Q.3 Which box is placed at top?
a) The box which contains Chocolate Almond cake
b) R
c) U
d) X
e) P

Q.4 Which box is placed immediately the below of box U?
a) P
b) R
c) S
d) X
e) No such place

Q.5 What does box W contain?
a) Chocolate Almond
b) Milk Chocolate
c) Cappuccino
d) Cherry Marble
e) Raspberry


1. (d)
2. (e)
3. (e)
4. (d)
5. (c)


Positions Boxes Material Flavours
1 P Steel Pineapple
2 T Plastic Raspberry
3 V Wood Black forest
4 R Plastic Cherry marble
5 W Cardboard Cappuccino
6 S Cardboard Chocolate Almond
7 U Steel Milk Chocolate
8 X Wood Butter white

2. Directions: Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions.
In Year 2016, seven persons viz. P, Q, R, S, T, V and W donated some money to a charitable trust on different months of the year starting from January and ending on November. Some of them are females and some of them are male. Their contribution,(in rupees) are- 5000, 500, 40, 1600, 80, 40 and 2500. V made his donation in June. Two donations were made between the donations made by V and P. On the first month of the year, a male made a contribution of 5000 rupees. S did not make his donation on a month after the donation of Q. None of the given person made his contribution in a month which has 28 days. There are two such cases where the difference in the number of days of the months of two successive donations is zero. In one such case, the months are consecutive
months of the year. The contribution of Rs 500 was made in November month. The sum of contributions of W and Q is equal to that of S. Contribution by a female is always preceded and succeeded by the contribution of a male. T is the only female who cannot be succeeded by any one. P is the only male which is followed by another male. Only one donation is made between the donations made by T and S. The donation of the male who donated his money on June is the perfect square of the donation made on August. The donation by T is not made on the month immediately before or immediately after the month when V made his donation (considering only those month in which the donations were made. R donated money immediately before W. Only three persons made their contribution in a month which has 31 days.


Q.1 As per the given arrangement which of the following combination represents only the people who are females?
a) T, V
b) Q, P, T
c) V, W, R
d) P, T
e) W, T, S

Q.2 As per the given arrangement which of the following person represent the one who was donated money in between the W an S?
a) U
b) P
c) R
d) V
e) W

Q.3 Who among the following is a female?
a) P
b) R
c) S
d) All of the above
e) Other than those given as options

Q.4 Which of the following combinations is correct as per the given arrangement?
a) January- P
b) February- W
c) April- Q
d) June- S
e) July- T

Q.5 Who amongst the following is male who donated 2500 Rs?
a) R
b) V
c) U
d) W
e) T


1. (e)
2. (d)
3. (c)
4. (a)
5. (a)


Month Person Gender Money Donated
January (31) P Male 5000
February (29) R Male 2500
April (30) W Female 40
June (30) V Male 1600
July (31) S Female 80
August (31) Q Male 40
November (30) T Female 500
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