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Seating Arrangement Questions for IBPS PO

Published on Thursday, October 08, 2015
Important seating arrangement set for IBPS PO 
seating arrangement

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Q.(1 - 5) Study the following information carefully to answer the question that follow.
Six couples have been invited to a dinner party. They are Nitika, Geetika, Lajwanti, Rekha, Savitri, Chameli and Faizal, Harbhajan, Akshay, Tirlochan, Ranveer, Aamir. They are seated on a circular table facing each other.
(i) Geetika refuses to sit next to Aamir.
(ii) Lajwanti wants to be between Akshay and Harbhajan.
(iii) Chameli refuses to sit next to Faizal.
(iv) Nitika is seated on Aamir's right hand side.
(v) Faizal and Tirlochan are seated exactly opposite to each other.
(vi) Ranveer and Savitri are seated to the left of Chameli.
(vii) Akshay and Rekha want to enjoy the company of Lajwanti and Tirlochan respectively and are seated closest to them.
(viii) The seating arrangement is such that minimum one woman is always between two men.

Q1. Which of the following statements is correct:
a) Lajwanti is on Tirlochan's right
b) Aamir is on Chameli's right
c) Geetika is on Hari's right
d)  Geetika is on Faizal's left

Q2. If looked in an anti-clockwise manner, who are seated between Tirlochan and Faizal:
a) Savitri, Ranveer, Chameli, Aamir and Nitika
b) Savitri, Ranveer, Rekha, Akshay and Lajwanti
c) Savitri, Ranveer, Geetika, Harbhajan and Lajwanti
d) Savitir, Ranveer, Lajwanti, Akshay and Harbhajan

Q3. Which of the following close neighboring arrangements is correct:
a) Aamir, Chameli and Ranveer
b) Tirlochan, Ranveer and Aamir
c) Nitika, Faizal and Lajwanti
d) Harbhajan, Geetika and Akshay

Q4. Who sits between Geetika and Lajwanti:
a) Faizal
b) Akshay
c) Tirlochan 
d) Ranveer
e) None of The Above

Q5. Who sits to the second  left of Nitika:
a) Savitri
b) Ranveer
c) Chameli
d) Tirlochan 
e) None of The Above


Answer 1.     (Option B)
Answer 2.     (Option A)
Answer 3.     (Option A)
Answer 4.     (Option B)
Answer 5.     (Option C)
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