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Cloze Test - Set with Solutions

Published on Monday, November 16, 2015
Today we are sharing Cloze Test. Try to solve this and share your marks.

Keep Practicing !

If there is one thing that is constantly working overtime in offices; it is rumours mills! ____________ (1) gossiping seems to be the norm as water cooler conversations get more filthy by the day. Management often use to look the other way __________(2) office gossips as an unavoidable evil of
work life but left unchecked such groups can __________(3) havoc by destroying employee efficiency and productivity especially when their lurid is a slender or ______(4) tales involves the victim ends up getting hurt, embarrassed and angry. After all even a small whispered campaign can spread like a forest fire getting horribly distorted and ______(5) out of control does ______(6)the entire work environment. Often manager themselves ______ (7) in gossiping to their colloquies. The senior management has to set the clear example by ________ (8) from even listening to any kind of gossiping.

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(1) (a) Incessant    (b) Recurrent      (c) Intolerable           (d) Interrupted    (e) Intermittent 

(2) (a) Dismissing     (b) Disqualifying     (c) Identifying       (d) Preserving   (e) Legalizing

(3) (a) Wreck            (b) Increase            (c) Start                   (d) Ignore              (e) Neglect

(4) (a) Precocious         (b) Profuse        (c) Lurid                   (d) Unintelligent     (e) Ample

(5) (a) Spirally             (b) Hovering        (c) Fidgeting            (d) Uncurling     (e) Unwinding

(6) (a) Salvaging        (b) Ruining            (c) Sanctifying           (d) Healing         (e) Adoring

(7) (a) Refrain            (b) Engage             (c) Enunciate              (d) Shun               (e) Defuse

(8) (a) Refraining       (b) Rebutting         (c) Indulging                (d) Assisting    (e) Allowing 


(1) Incessant

(2) Dismissing

(3) Wreak

(4) Precocious

(5) Spirally

(6) Ruining

(7) Engage

(8) Refraining

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