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English Vocabulary Test for IBPS Clerk Prelims

Published on Tuesday, November 17, 2015
1. Petulant 
a) Quick-talking
b) reluctant
c) easily annoyed
d) beautiful

2. Profligate 
a) Recklessly wasteful
b) abusive
c) abundant
d) irregular

3. Subsume 
a) become unknown
b) overwhelm
c) contain, include
d) analyze

4. Volubility 
a) adaptability
b) loudness
c) talkativeness
d) impoliteness

5. Ignominious 
a) Lacking charm
b) irritable
c) disgraceful
d) courageous

6. Gainsay
a) approach
b) speak out against
c) support
d) evolve

7. Restive 
a) restless
b) contemplative
c) alert
d) tired

8. Harangue 
a) costly victory
b) painful experience
c) aggressive speech
d) sad temperament

9. Laconic 
a) routine
b) not saying much
c) scarce
d) complex

10. Recondite 
a) arcane
b) refined
c) direct
d) forgotten

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