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Error Spotting Test - English Language

Published on Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Today we are sharing some examples from Common Errors. Try to solve these and share your marks. Keep Practicing !

Read the following sentences to find out whether there is any error(s). The error, if any, will be one of the part of the sentence, the number of that part will be the answer.If there is no error mark (5) as the answer.

(a) After years of sitting on the fence,(1)/ after the talks with other partners failed,(2)/ ‘Star bugs’ has finally signed memorandum of understanding(3) /with Tata coffee to enter into India(4)

1) After years of sitting on the fence
2) after the talks with other partners failed,
3) ‘Star bugs’ has finally signed memorandum of understanding
4) with Tata coffee to enter into India
5) No Correction Required

(b) These days you will rarely find (1)/ the people who have the reputation (2)/of being above Board. (3)/Honesty has become extinct long ago.(4)

1) These days you will rarely find 
2) the people who have the reputation
3) of being above Board
4) Honesty has become extinct long ago
5) No Correction Required

 (c) His statements always seem ambiguous. (1)/ You should read through the lines (2)/ to understand (3)/ what he meant.(4)

1) His statements always seem ambiguous.
2) You should read through the lines 
3) to understand 
4) what he meant.
5) No Correction Required

(d) Clearly T20 matches have emerged (1) /as the big favourites and ambitious (2) /IPL have taken it to (3) / an all time high. (4)

1) Clearly T20 matches have emerged
2) as the big favourites and ambitious 
3) IPL have taken it to 
4) an all time high
5) No Correction Required

(e) The Quit India called (1) /by the Mahatma Gandhi in 1942 (2) /shook the British empire (3) /to its base.(4)

1) The Quit India called
2) by the Mahatma Gandhi in 1942
3) shook the British empire
4) to its base.
5) No Correction Required

(f) If you will come (1) / to my place, I shall (2) /accompany you to (3)/ the picture.(4)

1) If you will come
2) to my place, I shall
3) accompany you to
4) the picture.
5) No Correction Required

(g) According to my opinion (1) /, India is now in a (2)/ better position to (3)/defend herself.(4)

1)  According to my opinion
2)  India is now in a
3) better position to
4) defend herself.
5) No Correction Required

(h) He has (1)/ a dog whom (2)/he loves (3) /very much.(4)

1) He has 
2) a dog whom
3) he loves
4) very much
5) No Correction Required

(i) This (1)/ is the custom (2)/ which exists between (3)/the Hindus.(4)

1) This
2) is the custom 
3) which exists between
4) the Hindus
5) No Correction Required

(j) No girl (1)/in the locality (2)/ is as (3)/beautiful as Pooja. (4)

1) No girl
2) in the locality
3) is as 
4) beautiful as Pooja. 
5) No Correction Required

(k) When we think of (1)/ the Mahatma Gandhi, we feel that (2) /he was the most unique(3) / man of the world.(4)

1) When we think of
2) the Mahatma Gandhi, we feel that
3) he was the most unique
4) man of the world.
5) No Correction Required

(l) When the hero appeared (1) /on the stage, (2) /some girls standing there (3) / sprinkled flowers on him.(4)

5) No Correction Required

(m) I found (1)/ him standing in (2)/ the centre (3)/ of the shelter.(4)

1) I found
2) him standing in
3) the centre 
4) of the shelter
5) No Correction Required

(n) Due to (1)/ illness, he could (2) /not attend office (3)/  yesterday.(4)

1) Due to
2) illness, he could
3) not attend office
4) yesterday.
5) No Correction Required

(o) Immediately the (1) /child saw (2)/ a snake, it (3)/ started crying.(4) 

1) Immediately the 
2) child saw
3) a snake, it
4) started crying
5) No Correction Required


(a) OPTION – 4 (with Tata coffee to enter India)

(b) OPTION – 5 (No Correction Required )

(c) OPTION – 2 (You should read between the lines )

(d) OPTION –3 (IPL have taken them to )

(e) OPTION – 4 (to its foundation)

(f) OPTION – 1 (If you come )

(g) OPTION – 1 (In my opinion )

(h) OPTION – 2 (a dog which) Whom to be use with human beings

(i) OPTION – 3 (which exists among)

(j) OPTION – 1 (No other girl)

(k) OPTION – 3 (he was the unique)

(l) OPTION – 4 (showered flowers on him.)

(m) OPTION – 3 (the middle)

(n) OPTION – 1 (Owing to )

(o) OPTION – 1 (As soon as )

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