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Root Words for Vocabulary PDF

Published on Thursday, November 12, 2015

If we learn vocabularies, we tend to forget them very soon and hence we fail to appreciate our own effort. Learning vocabularies is a tiring task but if we try to relate the words with their root or anything else, no matter how absurd, we remember them for a long time.

Let us first concentrate on words formed from root words. It is such a vast field that it has been named Etymology. Etymology is the study of words formed from Root words.

Root words Meaning Words formed Meaning of other part Meaning of the word
Soli Single, alone Soliloquy Loqua means speech The act of talking to oneself
Somna Sleep Somniloquist Loqua means speech One who talks in sleep
Somnambulist Amble means to walk leisurely One who walks in sleep
Somnolent Drowsy, heavy with sleep.
Insomnia Sleeplessness
Caco Bad Cacography Graphy means Writing Bad spelling or bad handwriting
Cacology Logy means To Study A bad choice of words
Cacodemon Demon means Spirit A bad spirit
Cacoethos Ethos means character Uncontrollable urge or desire especially for something
Cacodemonomaniac Mania means Obsession Harmful
Cacoepy Someone who is controlled by an evil spirit
Cacoderma Derma means Skin Bad or mistaken pronunciation
Caconym Nym means Skin Bad skin
Cacodontia Donto means teeth An erroneous name a misnomer
Fear or bad/ contaminated
Cacohydrophobia Hydro means Water water
Lacking skill
Not Satisfied
Mal Bad Maladroit Adroit means Skilled Abnormally formed
Malcontent Content means Satisfied Inadequately nourished
Malformed Bad smell
Malnourished To treat cruelly
Malodorous Odour means
The art of beautiful hand writing
Calli Beautiful Calligraphy Graphy means Writing The art of beautiful hand writing
Callipedia Paidos means Child The desire to bear a beautiful child
Calliphony Phony means Sound Beautiful or elegant sound
Dipso Alcoholic drinks Dipsomania Mania means Obsession An uncontrollable craving for alcoholic drink
Dipsophobia Phobia means Fear Fear of alcoholic drinks
Gamy Marriage Monogamy Mono means One Practice of keeping one life partner
Bi means Two
Misien means Hate
Phil means Love
Practice of keeping two life partners
One who hates marriages
Marriage within a specific group especially required by custom or law
Endogamy Endo means Internal Marriage out of a specific group especially required by custom or law
Exogamy Exo means External Marriage in an equal or higher caste or social group
Marriage in an equal or lower caste or social group
Hypergamy Hyper means More Marriage late in life
Hypo Less Hypogamy A fondness of crowds
A hatred for people
Opsigamy Opsi means Late The department of knowledge related to the care and culture of the people (Sociology)
Demophilia Philia means Love The study of races as to birth, marriages, mortality,
health etc.
Demophobia Phobia means Fear
Demagogue Agogus means To Lead
Democracy Cracy means Rule Rule of the people.

PDF of this list will be uploaded on Monday.

Written by Mayank Keshu

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