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Cloze Test Challenge for PO Level exams

Published on Wednesday, December 09, 2015
In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These number are printed below the passage and against each words have been suggested, one of which fits the blanks appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.
cloze test
The excitement of going to watch a film, long queues at the ticket counters of cinema theatres, the whistles and  ___(1)__ laughter in the hall and the __(2)__  on seeing a board of a ‘houseful’ show, all these are now just yesteryear tales, which render many people __(3)__.
The __(4)__ have come down nearly 600 single plexes in the state and those that are still sticking out despite feeling the heat are on the verge of closure. The reasons for the __(5)__ of single screen cinema theatres are many – mushrooming of multiplexes, growth of cable TV and high ticket rates due to __(6)__ entertainment tax being some of them.
A couple of years ago, the state government had allowed commercial usage of cinema halls on condition that would retain a cinema hall of a minimum capacity. While the order still stands valid, the cinema exhibitors recently met the state officials demanding tax concessions for the __(7)__ of single plexes in the state.
As per the state’s norms tax ___(8)__ are granted to multiplexes for up to five years, “ The exceptions are limited to the total cost of setting up the multiplex. It is up to that amount that the entertainment tax is granted. The period is five years, but if the total cost is covered through tax concessions before five years, the multiplexes are required to pay taxes on the ___(9)__  of the single plexes”
Talking about the tax burden in the state, the slabs had been revised in 2012, adding extra burden on the consumers and also the owners of the cinema theatres.
“Earlier the taxes were on admission which means that the tax amounts were ___(10)__ in the ticket amount. But now, the taxes are chargeable over and above the ticket price”

(1) a) vicious
b) smiling
c) echoing
d) voiced
e) exclusive

(2) a) bliss
b) anguish
c) revenge
d) disappointed
e) wretch

(3) a) nostalgic
b) eager
c) cheerful
d) responsible
e) intact

(4) a) shows
b) curtains
c) timings
d) end
e) costs

(5) a) survival
b) assert
c) dearth
d) infusion
e) avid

(6) a) low
b) reasonable
c) fair
d) high
e) prior

(7) a) continue
b) abolition
c) revival
d) closure
e) siphon-off

(8) a) withdrawals
b) concession
c) rates
d) norms
e) implementation

(9) a) pattern
b) cinema
c) lined
d) query
e) reign

(10) a) excluded
b) enormous
c) fair
d) low
e) included


(1) Option - c) echoing

(2) Option - d) disappointed

(3) Option - a) nostalgic

(4)  Option - b) curtains

(5) Option - c) dearth

(6) Option - d) high

(7) Option - c) revival

(8) Option - b) concession

(9) Option - a) pattern

(10) Option - e) included

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