Preposition Based Exercise with Solution

Preposition Based Exercise with Solution for today :-

1. She passed away (a)_____ six o'clock (b)_____ the evening (c)_____ Monday.

2. (a) _____ the afternoon, there's a great film (b) _____ TV and a comedy programme (c)_____ night.

3. Rajan stopped (a) _____ his house to borrow a raincoat (b)_____ the middle (c)_____ a storm (d)_____ Monday.

4. (a)_____ your father’s opinion, you can rely (b)_____ him to come (c)_____ evening.

5. Reema saw him looking (a)______ some CD (b)_____ the library (c)_____. His sister was (d)_____ him.

6. Radhika posted his father’s parcel (a)_____ the main Post Office (b)_____ Mall Road.

7. The wire won't fall (a)_____ because I have twisted it (b)_____ that post to keep it (c)_____ position.

8. Ramesh was woken up (a)_____ the sound of the TV (b)_____ my brother's room. The TV was on (c)_____ a bit high volume.

9. She was lying injured (a)_____ the road (b)_____ a fall (c)_____ her scooty.

10. They were shocked (a)_____ the way (b)_____ which she reacted (c)_____ someone calling her 'chubby'.


1. (a) at (b) in (c) on

2. (a) In (b) on (c) at

3. (a) at (b) in (c) of (d) on

4. (a) in (b) on/upon (c) at/by

5. (a) at/for/through (b) in/at (c) on (d) with/by/near

6. (a) at (b) in/on
7. (a) off/down (b) round (c) in

8. (a) by (b) in (c) at

9. (a) on (b) after (c) from

10. (a) by (b) in (c) to

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