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Sentence Improvement - English Language Test

Published on Tuesday, December 29, 2015
Directions - In these questions, a part of the sentence is bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold part at a, b and c which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed, your answer is d.
sentence improvement test
1. For most people who exercise at the morning, there is no getting around the question: Eat and run? or Run and eat later?
a) in the 
b) in 
c) at the time of 
d) No Improvement 

2. Are ad agencies even attempting to peer into the keyhole of this indulgence sanctum to garner consumer insights ahead of the curve?
a) above 
b) over 
c) within 
d) No Improvement 

3. Too many people rush into the world of credit and don't stop to think about how their actions could affect their credit score and ability to quality for credit in the future.
a) their actions may affect their 
b) their actions might affect their 
c) their actions will affect their 
d) No Improvement 

4. According to the report, number of deal with vaccines were energized by concerns around avian flu, SARS and bio - defense products, while looming patent expiration led to more deals in generics.
a) number of deals in 
b) number of deal in 
c) number of deals with 
d) No Improvement 

5. This is how the Bombay High Court responded to the state government's purposed moral stand which dance bars were causing grave harm to society.
a) moral stand in 
b) moral stand at 
c) moral stand that 
d) No Improvement 

6. If you have a high credit limit, use at least a third of it.
a) at least a 
b) at last a  
c) utmost a
d) No Improvement 

7. Fitness experts will say that first eating provides fuel for a proper workout.
a) eating in the beginning provides 
b) first eat provides 
c) eating first provides
d) No Improvement 

8. One study that examined the claim directly found that a group of people did burned much calories from fat on days when they exercised on an empty stomach than on days when they had a small breakfast first.
a) burn more calories from fat on days 
b) burn more calorie from fat on days 
c) burnt more calories from fat on days 
d) No Improvement 

9. Carefree children spent their afternoons to run about barefoot, their clothes dusty, and telltale twigs of the neighbor's mango tree in their hair.
a) running barefoot in the sun 
b) run about  barefoot in the sun
c) running about barefoot in the sun 
d) No Improvement 

10. Discreet salience is extremely important to create that 'irresistible - yet - unattainable' image for brands that want to take India seriously.
a) was extremely important 
b) is mainly important 
c) was important extremely
d) No Improvement

11. This, over a designer outfit that he wanted for a friend's party and that his sensitive parents refused him.
a) which his sensitive 
b) which his insensitive
c) that his insensitive 
d) No Improvement 

12. Goa was full of non - Goa property hunters rushing about buying up the place like tomorrow was an expired lease.
a) rushing in buying up the place 
b) rushed about buying up the place
c) rushing about to buy up the place 
d) No Improvement 

13. Property hunting is a tired and hungry making business.
a) is a tiresome and hungry 
b) is a tiring and hungry 
c) is a tiring and waste
d) No Improvement 

14. Cultural differences aside, till luxury need speaks  in a manner that befits.
a) luxury still needs to speak 
b) luxury still need to speak 
c) luxury till need to speak 
d) No Improvement 

15. Indian food - the culinary avatar of the subcontinent's social history presented on a platter - is without doubt the best food in the world.
a) is undoublty the greatest food 
b) is without doubt greatest food 
c) is best food without doubts 
d) No Improvement 


1. in the 
2. No Improvement 
3. their actions will affect their 
4. number of deals in 
5. moral stand at 
6. No Improvement 
7. eating first provides 
8. burn more calories from fat on days
9. running about barefoot in the sun 
10. No improvement 
11. that his insensitive 
12. No Improvement 
13. is a tiring and waste 
14. luxury still needs to speak 
15. No Improvement 

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