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       Analogy is the very important section of competitive exams. Here given 50 questions with explained answers from recent exams.
(Q.1 – 50)Choose the correct option from the given choices. You have to find out the pair that
has the same relationship at the original pair given in the question.

1)      Poverty: Prosperity
a)      Love: Sorrow
b)      Train: Cart
c)       Rain: Flood
d)      Intelligence: Stupidity
e)      None of these

2)      Stage: Theatre
a)      Bedroom: House
b)      Car: Road
c)       Patient: Hospital
d)      School: Education
e)      None of these

3)      Tree: Sapling
a)      Rock: Mountain
b)      Horse: Foal
c)       Giant: Dwarf
d)      Hut: Mansion
e)      None of these

4)      Monk:  Monastery
a)      Noble: House
b)      Lon: Hole
c)       Nun: Convent
d)      Peasant: Village
e)      None of these

5)      Laboratory: Germs
a)      School: Students
b)      Playground: Games
c)       Library: Books
d)      Observatory: Planets
e)      None of these

6)      Cool: Frigid
a)      Livid: Lurid
b)      Poll: Placid
c)       Tepid: Torrid
d)      Lack: Abundant
e)      None of these

7)      Lamb: Frisk
a)      Deer: Swoop
b)      Cat: Steal
c)       Bear: Leap
d)      Lion: Stride
e)      None of these

8)      Cricket: Pitch
a)      Ship: Dock
b)      Boat: Harbour
c)       Wrestling: Track
d)      Boxing: Ring
e)      None of these

9)      Coffee: Beverages
a)      Bread: Butter
b)      Milk: Tea
c)       Burger: Snacks
d)      Grapes: Wine
e)      None of these

10)   Graphite: Lubricant
a)      Movement: Friction
b)      Iron: Steel
c)       Wool: Cloth
d)      Diamond: Abrasive
e)      None of these

11)   Illiterate: Uneducated
a)      Country: State
b)      City: Village
c)       Palace: Hut
d)      Vision: Sight
e)      None of these

12)   Duralumin: Aircraft
a)      Brass: Alloy
b)      Stone: Sculptor
c)       Iron: Steel
d)      Bronze: Statue
e)      None of these

13)   Ribs: Lungs
a)      Ball: Sphere
b)      Hand: Fingers
c)       Shell: Net
d)      Coat: Tie
e)      None of these

14)   Expend: Replenish
a)      Exhort: Encourage
b)      Formant: Rebellion
c)       Defect: Rejoin
d)      Encroachment: Occupy
e)      None of these

15)   Money: Transaction
a)      Life: Death
b)      Water: Drink
c)       Ideas: Exchange
d)      Language: Conversation
e)      None of these

16)   Fare: Absurdity
a)      Disease: Medicine
b)      Charity: Generosity
c)       Tragedy: Comedy
d)      Energy: Electricity
e)      None of these

17)   Visitor: Welcome
a)      Beggar: Hungry
b)      Worship: God
c)       Criminal: Prosecute
d)      Warrior: Conquer
e)      None of these

18)   Garbage: Dustbin
a)      Tree: Honey
b)      Medicine: Capsule
c)       Kitchen: House
d)      Bangles: Hand
e)      None of these

19)   Overlook: Aberration
a)      Mitigate: Penitence
b)      Condone: Offence
c)       Error: Omission
d)      Conviction: Criminal
e)      None of these

20)   Mongoose: Snake
a)      Milk: Goat
b)      Fish: Crane
c)       Whale: Crow
d)      Water: Sky
e)      None of these

21)   Blister: Skin
a)      Sore: Toe
b)      Sty: Eye
c)       Ball: Pitcher
d)      Wound: Arm
e)      None of these

22)   Horse: Mare
a)      Duck: Geese
b)      Dog: Puppy
c)       Donkey: Pony
d)      Fox: Vixen
e)      None of these

23)   Water: Thirst
a)      Ripe: Harvest
b)      Book: Ignorance
c)       Needle: Stitch
d)      Rain: Throat
e)      None of these

24)   Sale: Purchase
a)      Give: Receive
b)      Shop: Market
c)       Cash: Credit
d)      Profit: Loss
e)      None of these

25)   Read: Legible
a)      Hear: Audible
b)      Qualify: Eligible
c)       See: illegible
d)      Require: Admissible
e)      None of these

26)   Locks: Warble
a) Crows: Cackle
b) Tiger: Yelp
c) Owls: Hoot
d) Camel: Bleat
e) None of these

27)   Parsing: Grammar
a)      Running: Health
b)      Praying: God
c)       Para trooping: Air force
d)      Cleaning: House
e)      None of these

28)   Story: Novel
a)      Sea: Ocean
b)      School: University
c)       Book: Dictionary
d)      Poetry: Drama
e)      None of these

29)   Balled: Song
a)      Envelope: Letter
b)      Prose: Literature
c)       Cat: Leopard
d)      Ode: Poem
e)      None of these

30)   Fish: Mermaid
a)      Cat: Lion
b)      Horse: Centaur
c)       Unicorn: Tapestry
d)      Pegasus: Fly
e)      None of these

31)   Loath: Coercion
a)      Irate: Antagonism
b)      Irritate: Caressing
c)       Reluctant: Persuasion
d)      Contemplative: Meditative
e)      None of these

32)   Iodine: Goitre
a)      Insulin: Diabetes
b)      Mango: Anemia
c)       Hormones: Hemophilia
d)      Fat: Obesity
e)      None of these

33)   Water: Tip
a)      Student: Marks
b)      Worker: Bonus
c)       Employee: Wages
d)      Clerk: Bribe
e)      None of these

34)   Executioner: Criminal
a)      Florist: Flowers
b)      Convict: Murderer
c)       Butcher: Animals
d)      Worker: Manager
e)      None of these

35)   Karnataka: Bangalore
a)      Mysore: Vrindaban
b)      Haryana: Sonepat
c)       Gujarat: Anand
d)      Orissa: Bhubaneswar
e)      None of these

36)   Thermometer: Temperature
a)      Length: Breadth
b)      Millimeter: Scale
c)       Cardiograph: Heart rate
d)      Solar Energy: Sun
e)      None of these

37)   Portfolio: Securities
a)      Lecture: Consignment
b)      Star: Class
c)       Trustee: Company
d)      Panel: Jurors
e)      None of these

38)   Biography: Autobiography
a)      Memories: History
b)      Author: Performer
c)       Mobile: Automobile
d)      Testimony: Confession
e)      None of these

39)   Kangaroo: Australia
a)      Whale: River
b)      Elephant: Russia
c)       Penguin: Antarctica
d)      India: Peacock
e)      None of these

40)   Hitler: Germany
a)      Shakespeare: England
b)      Mussolini: Italy
c)       Tulsidas: India
d)      Boris Yeltsin: Russia
e)      None of these

41)   Sip: Gulp
a)      Touch: Push
b)      Cup: Glass
c)       Tent: Hut
d)      Soup: Water
e)      None of these

42)   Poultry: Farm
a)      Rice: Granary
b)      Child: Playground
c)       Bee: Hive
d)      Rubber: Estate
e)      None of these

43)   Artist: Troupe
a)      Market: Crowd
b)      Flowers: Garland
c)       Singer: Chorus
d)      Fishes: Pond
e)      None of these

44)   Pulp: Paper
a)      Rope: Hemp
b)      Rayon: Cellulose
c)       Thread: Needle
d)      Yarn: Fabric
e)      None of these

45)   Lok Sabha: Legislature
a)      President: Executive
b)      Minister: Meeting
c)       Judge: Court
d)      People: Election
e)      None of these

46)   Greed: Corruption
a)      Insult: Enemy
b)      Sleep: Dream
c)       Goodwill: Friendship
d)      Knowledge: Book
e)      None of these

47)   Basement: Attic
a)      Nadir: Zenith
b)      Zenith: Apex
c)       Zenith: Root
d)      Apex: Pinnacle
e)      None of these

48)   Wan: Colour
a)      Enigmatic: Puzzle
b)      Pallid: Complexion
c)       Insipid: Flavour
d)      Copulent: Weight
e)      None of these

49)   Hook: Fish
a)      Stadium: Games
b)      Glove: Ball
c)       Symphony: Music
d)      Word: Alphabets
e)      None of these

50)   Moon: Satellite
a)      Earth: Planet
b)      Flowers: Garland
c)       Singer: Chorus
d)      Fishes: Pond
e)      None of these 

Answers with explanation

1)       D (Explanation- The words in each pair are antonyms of each other)
2)       A (Explanation- First is a part of second)
3)       B (Explanation- Second is the young one of the first)
4)       C (Explanation- Second is dwelling place of first)
5)       D (Explanation- First is the place to study the second)
6)       C (Explanation- Frigid is the extreme of cooling to make things to freeze likewise, tepid is only lukewarm and torrid is to dry by heating)
7)       B (Explanation- Seconds denote the manner of walking of the first
8)       D (Explanation- Cricket is playing on pitch likewise, boxing is done in ring)
9)       C (Explanation- Seconds denotes the class to which first belongs)
10)   D (Explanation- Graphite is used as a lubricant and diamond as an abrasive)
11)   D (Explanation- The word in each pair is synonyms)
12)   D (Explanation- First is an alloy used to make the second)
13)   C (Explanation- First encloses the second and protects it)
14)   C (Explanation- The words in each pairs are antonyms of each other)
15)   D (Explanation- We transact with money and converse in a language)
16)   B (Explanation- The words in each pairs are synonyms)
17)   C (Explanation- A visitor is given a welcome and a criminal is prosecuted)
18)   B (Explanation- Second contains the first)
19)   B (Explanation- First is the act of neglecting the second)
20)   B (Explanation- First is eaten by the second)
21)   B (Explanation- Blister is an infection of skin. Sty is the affection of eye)
22)   D (Explanation- Second is the female of the first)
23)   D (Explanation- Lack of water is thrust and lack of rain is drought)
24)   A (Explanation- Sale corresponds to giving and purchase corresponds to receiving)
25)   A (Explanation-  Legible means able to read and audible means able to heard)
26)   C (Explanation- Second is the sound produced by the first)
27)   C (Explanation- First is an essential part of second)
28)   A (Explanation- Second is more voluminous form of the first)
29)   D (Explanation- First is a type of second)
30)   B (Explanation-A mermaid is a fish imaginary creature, similarly a centaur is a horse like imaginary creature
31)   C (Explanation-Loath and Reluctant are synonyms and Coercion and Persuasion are synonyms

32)   A (Explanation- Lack of first causes the second)
33)   B (Explanation- Second is the additional money given to the first for good service)
34)   C (Explanation- First is responsible for the death of the seconds)
35)   D (Explanation- Second is the capital of the first)
36)   C (Explanation- First is the instrument to be measured the second)
37)   D (Explanation- A portfolio is the entire group of securities a person holds for investment, similarly, a panel is a whole group of jurors)
38)   D (Explanation- A biography is a person’s life story written by someone else. Whereas autobiography is one’s story written by oneself. Similarly, a testimony is a solemn declaration of one’s wrong doing by someone while a confession is a one’s claim of oneself being  a wrong doer.
39)   C (Explanation- Kangaroo is the native of Australia likewise, Penguin is the native of Antarctica)
40)   B (Explanation- Hitler was a tyrant belonging to Germany, likewise Mussolini was a tyrant belonging to Italy)
41)   A (Explanation- Second is the higher intensity than the first)
42)   D (Explanation- Poultry is reared in a farm. Similarly, rubber is grown in an estate)
43)   C (Explanation- Second is a collective group of the first)
44)   D (Explanation- First is used to make the second)
45)   A (Explanation- First is the part of second)
46)   C (Explanation- First leads to the second)
47)   A (Explanation- Nadir (lowest point) and Zenith (highest point) can be compared to basement and attic respectively)
48)   B (Explanation- Wan refers to pale colour; likewise pallid refers to pale complexion)
49)   B (Explanation- First is used to help catch the second)
50)   A (Explanation- Moon is a satellite, likewise earth is a planet)

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