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Analogy Test with Answers PDF

Published on Tuesday, January 05, 2016
Hi readers,
       Analogy is the very important section of competitive exams. Here given 50 questions with explained answers from recent exams.
(Q.1 – 50)Choose the correct option from the given choices. You have to find out the pair that
has the same relationship at the original pair given in the question.

1)      Poverty: Prosperity
a)      Love: Sorrow
b)      Train: Cart
c)       Rain: Flood
d)      Intelligence: Stupidity
e)      None of these

2)      Stage: Theatre
a)      Bedroom: House
b)      Car: Road
c)       Patient: Hospital
d)      School: Education
e)      None of these

3)      Tree: Sapling
a)      Rock: Mountain
b)      Horse: Foal
c)       Giant: Dwarf
d)      Hut: Mansion
e)      None of these

4)      Monk:  Monastery
a)      Noble: House
b)      Lon: Hole
c)       Nun: Convent
d)      Peasant: Village
e)      None of these

5)      Laboratory: Germs
a)      School: Students
b)      Playground: Games
c)       Library: Books
d)      Observatory: Planets
e)      None of these

6)      Cool: Frigid
a)      Livid: Lurid
b)      Poll: Placid
c)       Tepid: Torrid
d)      Lack: Abundant
e)      None of these

7)      Lamb: Frisk
a)      Deer: Swoop
b)      Cat: Steal
c)       Bear: Leap
d)      Lion: Stride
e)      None of these

8)      Cricket: Pitch
a)      Ship: Dock
b)      Boat: Harbour
c)       Wrestling: Track
d)      Boxing: Ring
e)      None of these

9)      Coffee: Beverages
a)      Bread: Butter
b)      Milk: Tea
c)       Burger: Snacks
d)      Grapes: Wine
e)      None of these

10)   Graphite: Lubricant
a)      Movement: Friction
b)      Iron: Steel
c)       Wool: Cloth
d)      Diamond: Abrasive
e)      None of these

11)   Illiterate: Uneducated
a)      Country: State
b)      City: Village
c)       Palace: Hut
d)      Vision: Sight
e)      None of these

12)   Duralumin: Aircraft
a)      Brass: Alloy
b)      Stone: Sculptor
c)       Iron: Steel
d)      Bronze: Statue
e)      None of these

13)   Ribs: Lungs
a)      Ball: Sphere
b)      Hand: Fingers
c)       Shell: Net
d)      Coat: Tie
e)      None of these

14)   Expend: Replenish
a)      Exhort: Encourage
b)      Formant: Rebellion
c)       Defect: Rejoin
d)      Encroachment: Occupy
e)      None of these

15)   Money: Transaction
a)      Life: Death
b)      Water: Drink
c)       Ideas: Exchange
d)      Language: Conversation
e)      None of these

16)   Fare: Absurdity
a)      Disease: Medicine
b)      Charity: Generosity
c)       Tragedy: Comedy
d)      Energy: Electricity
e)      None of these

17)   Visitor: Welcome
a)      Beggar: Hungry
b)      Worship: God
c)       Criminal: Prosecute
d)      Warrior: Conquer
e)      None of these

18)   Garbage: Dustbin
a)      Tree: Honey
b)      Medicine: Capsule
c)       Kitchen: House
d)      Bangles: Hand
e)      None of these

19)   Overlook: Aberration
a)      Mitigate: Penitence
b)      Condone: Offence
c)       Error: Omission
d)      Conviction: Criminal
e)      None of these

20)   Mongoose: Snake
a)      Milk: Goat
b)      Fish: Crane
c)       Whale: Crow
d)      Water: Sky
e)      None of these

21)   Blister: Skin
a)      Sore: Toe
b)      Sty: Eye
c)       Ball: Pitcher
d)      Wound: Arm
e)      None of these

22)   Horse: Mare
a)      Duck: Geese
b)      Dog: Puppy
c)       Donkey: Pony
d)      Fox: Vixen
e)      None of these

23)   Water: Thirst
a)      Ripe: Harvest
b)      Book: Ignorance
c)       Needle: Stitch
d)      Rain: Throat
e)      None of these

24)   Sale: Purchase
a)      Give: Receive
b)      Shop: Market
c)       Cash: Credit
d)      Profit: Loss
e)      None of these

25)   Read: Legible
a)      Hear: Audible
b)      Qualify: Eligible
c)       See: illegible
d)      Require: Admissible
e)      None of these

26)   Locks: Warble
a) Crows: Cackle
b) Tiger: Yelp
c) Owls: Hoot
d) Camel: Bleat
e) None of these

27)   Parsing: Grammar
a)      Running: Health
b)      Praying: God
c)       Para trooping: Air force
d)      Cleaning: House
e)      None of these

28)   Story: Novel
a)      Sea: Ocean
b)      School: University
c)       Book: Dictionary
d)      Poetry: Drama
e)      None of these

29)   Balled: Song
a)      Envelope: Letter
b)      Prose: Literature
c)       Cat: Leopard
d)      Ode: Poem
e)      None of these

30)   Fish: Mermaid
a)      Cat: Lion
b)      Horse: Centaur
c)       Unicorn: Tapestry
d)      Pegasus: Fly
e)      None of these

31)   Loath: Coercion
a)      Irate: Antagonism
b)      Irritate: Caressing
c)       Reluctant: Persuasion
d)      Contemplative: Meditative
e)      None of these

32)   Iodine: Goitre
a)      Insulin: Diabetes
b)      Mango: Anemia
c)       Hormones: Hemophilia
d)      Fat: Obesity
e)      None of these

33)   Water: Tip
a)      Student: Marks
b)      Worker: Bonus
c)       Employee: Wages
d)      Clerk: Bribe
e)      None of these

34)   Executioner: Criminal
a)      Florist: Flowers
b)      Convict: Murderer
c)       Butcher: Animals
d)      Worker: Manager
e)      None of these

35)   Karnataka: Bangalore
a)      Mysore: Vrindaban
b)      Haryana: Sonepat
c)       Gujarat: Anand
d)      Orissa: Bhubaneswar
e)      None of these

36)   Thermometer: Temperature
a)      Length: Breadth
b)      Millimeter: Scale
c)       Cardiograph: Heart rate
d)      Solar Energy: Sun
e)      None of these

37)   Portfolio: Securities
a)      Lecture: Consignment
b)      Star: Class
c)       Trustee: Company
d)      Panel: Jurors
e)      None of these

38)   Biography: Autobiography
a)      Memories: History
b)      Author: Performer
c)       Mobile: Automobile
d)      Testimony: Confession
e)      None of these

39)   Kangaroo: Australia
a)      Whale: River
b)      Elephant: Russia
c)       Penguin: Antarctica
d)      India: Peacock
e)      None of these

40)   Hitler: Germany
a)      Shakespeare: England
b)      Mussolini: Italy
c)       Tulsidas: India
d)      Boris Yeltsin: Russia
e)      None of these

41)   Sip: Gulp
a)      Touch: Push
b)      Cup: Glass
c)       Tent: Hut
d)      Soup: Water
e)      None of these

42)   Poultry: Farm
a)      Rice: Granary
b)      Child: Playground
c)       Bee: Hive
d)      Rubber: Estate
e)      None of these

43)   Artist: Troupe
a)      Market: Crowd
b)      Flowers: Garland
c)       Singer: Chorus
d)      Fishes: Pond
e)      None of these

44)   Pulp: Paper
a)      Rope: Hemp
b)      Rayon: Cellulose
c)       Thread: Needle
d)      Yarn: Fabric
e)      None of these

45)   Lok Sabha: Legislature
a)      President: Executive
b)      Minister: Meeting
c)       Judge: Court
d)      People: Election
e)      None of these

46)   Greed: Corruption
a)      Insult: Enemy
b)      Sleep: Dream
c)       Goodwill: Friendship
d)      Knowledge: Book
e)      None of these

47)   Basement: Attic
a)      Nadir: Zenith
b)      Zenith: Apex
c)       Zenith: Root
d)      Apex: Pinnacle
e)      None of these

48)   Wan: Colour
a)      Enigmatic: Puzzle
b)      Pallid: Complexion
c)       Insipid: Flavour
d)      Copulent: Weight
e)      None of these

49)   Hook: Fish
a)      Stadium: Games
b)      Glove: Ball
c)       Symphony: Music
d)      Word: Alphabets
e)      None of these

50)   Moon: Satellite
a)      Earth: Planet
b)      Flowers: Garland
c)       Singer: Chorus
d)      Fishes: Pond
e)      None of these 

Answers with explanation

1)       D (Explanation- The words in each pair are antonyms of each other)
2)       A (Explanation- First is a part of second)
3)       B (Explanation- Second is the young one of the first)
4)       C (Explanation- Second is dwelling place of first)
5)       D (Explanation- First is the place to study the second)
6)       C (Explanation- Frigid is the extreme of cooling to make things to freeze likewise, tepid is only lukewarm and torrid is to dry by heating)
7)       B (Explanation- Seconds denote the manner of walking of the first
8)       D (Explanation- Cricket is playing on pitch likewise, boxing is done in ring)
9)       C (Explanation- Seconds denotes the class to which first belongs)
10)   D (Explanation- Graphite is used as a lubricant and diamond as an abrasive)
11)   D (Explanation- The word in each pair is synonyms)
12)   D (Explanation- First is an alloy used to make the second)
13)   C (Explanation- First encloses the second and protects it)
14)   C (Explanation- The words in each pairs are antonyms of each other)
15)   D (Explanation- We transact with money and converse in a language)
16)   B (Explanation- The words in each pairs are synonyms)
17)   C (Explanation- A visitor is given a welcome and a criminal is prosecuted)
18)   B (Explanation- Second contains the first)
19)   B (Explanation- First is the act of neglecting the second)
20)   B (Explanation- First is eaten by the second)
21)   B (Explanation- Blister is an infection of skin. Sty is the affection of eye)
22)   D (Explanation- Second is the female of the first)
23)   D (Explanation- Lack of water is thrust and lack of rain is drought)
24)   A (Explanation- Sale corresponds to giving and purchase corresponds to receiving)
25)   A (Explanation-  Legible means able to read and audible means able to heard)
26)   C (Explanation- Second is the sound produced by the first)
27)   C (Explanation- First is an essential part of second)
28)   A (Explanation- Second is more voluminous form of the first)
29)   D (Explanation- First is a type of second)
30)   B (Explanation-A mermaid is a fish imaginary creature, similarly a centaur is a horse like imaginary creature
31)   C (Explanation-Loath and Reluctant are synonyms and Coercion and Persuasion are synonyms

32)   A (Explanation- Lack of first causes the second)
33)   B (Explanation- Second is the additional money given to the first for good service)
34)   C (Explanation- First is responsible for the death of the seconds)
35)   D (Explanation- Second is the capital of the first)
36)   C (Explanation- First is the instrument to be measured the second)
37)   D (Explanation- A portfolio is the entire group of securities a person holds for investment, similarly, a panel is a whole group of jurors)
38)   D (Explanation- A biography is a person’s life story written by someone else. Whereas autobiography is one’s story written by oneself. Similarly, a testimony is a solemn declaration of one’s wrong doing by someone while a confession is a one’s claim of oneself being  a wrong doer.
39)   C (Explanation- Kangaroo is the native of Australia likewise, Penguin is the native of Antarctica)
40)   B (Explanation- Hitler was a tyrant belonging to Germany, likewise Mussolini was a tyrant belonging to Italy)
41)   A (Explanation- Second is the higher intensity than the first)
42)   D (Explanation- Poultry is reared in a farm. Similarly, rubber is grown in an estate)
43)   C (Explanation- Second is a collective group of the first)
44)   D (Explanation- First is used to make the second)
45)   A (Explanation- First is the part of second)
46)   C (Explanation- First leads to the second)
47)   A (Explanation- Nadir (lowest point) and Zenith (highest point) can be compared to basement and attic respectively)
48)   B (Explanation- Wan refers to pale colour; likewise pallid refers to pale complexion)
49)   B (Explanation- First is used to help catch the second)
50)   A (Explanation- Moon is a satellite, likewise earth is a planet)

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