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Computer Mania: 10 Questions Set (with Solution Key) (Part 18)

Published on Wednesday, January 13, 2016
Dear Readers,
Computer Awareness is a very important section to get a good marks for SIDBI Grade A Officer, Syndicate Bank PO & other exams. Today, we are presenting you Computer Mania Session with 10 questions set on computer awareness for your preparation which is very important and you may expect similar questions in your upcoming exams.

Computer Mania: 10 Questions Set

1. A CD-ROM disk
a) Can be written to only once
b) Can be erased and rewritten
c) Has more storage capacity then a CD-R
d) Holds less data than a floppy disk
e) None of these

2. Most mail programs automatically complete the following two parts in an e-mail:
a) From: and Body:
b) From: and Subject:
c) From: and Date:
d) From: and To:
e) None of these

3. A_____________contains specific rules and works that express the logical steps of an algorithm.
a) Programming language
b) Syntax
c) Programming structure
d) Logic chart
e) None of these

4. What is the main folder on a storage device called?
a) Root Directory
b) Platform
c) Home Page
d) Interface
e) None of these

5. _____________ is a set of keywords, symbols, and a system of rules for constructing statements by which humans can communicate the instructions to be executed by a computer.
a) An assembler
b) A programming language
c) A computer program
d) Syntax
e) None of these

6. What is the overall term for creating, editing, formatting, storing, retrieving, and printing a text document?
a) Spreadsheet design
b) Web design
c) Word processing
d) Database management
e) Presentation generation

7. Data or information used to run the computer is called
a) Hardware
b) Software
c) CPU
d) Peripheral
e) None of these

8. What type of memory gets lost when you switch off?
a) Cache
b) Dynamic
c) Static
d) ROM
e) RAM

9. A device which allows you to communicate with the computer is called
a) Input device
b) Output device
c) Storage device
d) Software device
e) None of these

10. An error is also known as
a) Cursor
b) Debug
c) Bug
d) Icon
e) None of these

Thanks!! For any queries you may comment.
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