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Computer Mania: 10 Questions Set (with Solution Key) (Part 20)

Published on Friday, January 15, 2016
Dear Readers,
Computer Awareness is a very important section to get a good marks for LIC AAO, SIDBI Officer Scale Grade A and other Exams. Today, we are presenting you Computer Mania Session with 10 questions set on computer awareness for your preparation which is very important and you may expect similar questions in your upcoming exams.

Computer Mania: Practice Set

1. LCD stands for
a) Liquid Crystal Diode
b) Light Crystal Display
c) Liquid Carbon Diode
d) Liquid Crystal Display
e) None of these

2. EBCDIC is a coding system which provides
a) 128 different characters
b) 64 different characters
c) 256 different characters
d) 512 different characters
e) 1024 different characters

3. The goal of data mining is
a) To explain some observed event or condition
b) To analyse data for expected relationships
c) To confirm that data exists
d) To create a new data warehouse
e) None of these

4. To stop unauthorised access to the computer system, we should
a) Have a trustworthy system administrator
b) Have a sound encryption policy
c) Have a good password policy
d) All the above
e) None of these

5. Which of the following is not true?
a) 48 is an octal number
b) TCP is a connection-oriented protocol
c) FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol
d) A file having extension PNG is a graphic file.
e) C++ is a computer programming language.

6. A communication processor that connects dissimilar networks by providing the translation of one set of protocol to another is called
a) Bridge
b) Gateway
c) Router
d) Modem
e) All the above

7. Which of the following is an example of course management software?
a) Blackboard
b) Adobe Acrobat
c) Microsoft Outlook
d) Encarta
e) None of these

8. To add two cells ( A1 and A2 ) together, you use which of the following formula?
a) =A1 + A2
b) =Add (A1 + A2)
c) =together (A1 : A2)
d) A1 plus A2
e) None of these

9. An example of software that includes electronic checkbook registers and automatic bill payment tools is
a) Microsoft Word
b) Microsoft Project
c) Adobe Acrobat
d) Intuit Quicken
e) None of these

10. What is the full form of USB as used in computer-related activities?
a) United Service Block
b) Universal Security Block
c) Ultra Serial Block
d) Universal Serial Bus
e) None of these

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