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Computer Mania: 10 Questions Set (Part 24)

Published on Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Dear Readers,
Computer Awareness is a very important section to get a good marks for SIDBI Grade A Officer, Syndicate Bank PO, Insurance & other exams. Today, we are presenting you Computer Mania Session with 10 questions set on computer awareness for your preparation which is very important and you may expect similar questions in your upcoming exams.

Computer Mania: Practice Set

1. A word in a web page that, when clicked, opens another document.
a) Anchor
b) URL
c) Hyperlink
d) Reference
e) None of these

2. The ____________ manual tells you how to use a software program.
a) Documentation
b) Programming
c) Technical
d) User
e) None of these

3. What disk is used to cold-boot a PC?
a) Setup disk
b) System disk
c) Diagnostic disk
d) Program disk
e) None of these

4. The __________ tells the computer how to use its components.
a) Utility
b) Network
c) Operating system
d) Application program
e) None of these

5. A ___________ contains buttons and menus that provide quick access to commonly used commands.
a) Menu bar
b) Tool bar
c) Window
d) Action bar
e) None of these

6. Numbers in table columns are usually -
a) Right-aligned
b) Left-aligned
c) Justified
d) Centered
e) None of these

7. The __________ of software contains lists of commands and options.
a) Menu bar
b) Title bar
c) Formula bar
d) Toolbar
e) None of these

8. To access a mainframe or supercomputer, users often use a ___________.
a) Terminal
b) Node
c) Desktop
d) Handheld
e) None of these

9. By default, your documents print in ___________ mode.
a) Landscape
b) Portrait
c) Page setup
d) Print view
e) None of these

10. What characteristic of read-only memory( ROM) makes it useful?
a) ROM information can be easily updated.
b) ROM provides very large amounts of inexpensive data storage.
c) Data in ROM is nonvolatile, that is, it remains there even without electrical power.
d) ROM chips are easily swapped between different brands of computers.
e) None of these.


1. c) Hyperlink
2. d) User
3. b) System disk
4. c) Operating system
5. b) Tool bar
6. a) Right-aligned
7. a) Menu bar
8. a) Terminal
9. b) Portrait
10. c) Data in ROM is nonvolatile, that is, it remains there even without electrical power.


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