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Computer Mania: Practice Set (with Solution Key) (Part 15)

Published on Thursday, January 07, 2016
Dear Readers,
Today we are presenting some important Computer Awareness questions for today's Computer Mania Session for your preparation which is very important and you may expect similar questions in your upcoming banking and insurance exams.

Computer Mania: Practice Set

1. EBCDIC can code up to how many different characters?
a) 8
b) 16
c) 32
d) 64
e) 256

2. VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) Integration Circuit Technology was used in which generation?
a) first generation
b) second generation
c) third generation
d) fourth generation
e) None of these

3. A process known as _________________ is used by large retailers to study trends.
a) data mining
b) data selection
c) POS
d) data conversion
e) None of these

4. In Ms-Word shortcut Shift+ Delete is used to:
a) Delete the select item permanently without replacing the item in the Recycle bin
b) Copy the selected item
c) Rename the selected item
d) Create a shortcut to the selected item
e) None of these

5. The standard protocol of the Internet is _______________.
b) Java
d) Flash
e) None of these

6. To move to the previous worksheet, we press:
a) Alt + PgUp
b) Ctrl + PgUP
c) Ctrl + PgDn
d) Shift + Tab
e) None of these

7. If you press _______________, the cell accepts your typing as its contents.
a) Enter
b) Ctrl + Enter
c) Tab
d) Insert
e) None of these

8. 1 Nibble describes a bits combination of :
a) 5 bits
b) 6 bits
c) 7 bits
d) 4 bits
e) None of these

9. What doed SNMP stand for?
a) Simple Network Mail Protocol
b) Single Network Mail Protocol
c) Single Network Message Protocol
d) Simple Network Management Protocol
e) None of these

10. What are the two essential parts of the computer?
a) Keyboard & Mouse
b) Hardware & Software
c) Printer & Screen
d) Monitor & Keyboard
e) None of these

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