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Computer Quiz - 15 Questions from Recent Exams (Part 14)

Published on Thursday, January 07, 2016
1. Which of the following was developed by Richard stallmann?
     (a) LCD Monitor                                              (b) MS DOS 
     (c) Linux Software                                          (d) Android Software
     (e) Laws of WWW

2. The computers of second generation were characterized  by use of which of the following instead of vacuum tubes?
    (a) Transistors                             (b) Integrated circuits
    (c) Silicon chip                            (d) Both 1 & 2
    (d) None of these 

3. Invention of integrated circuit led to the invention of ____________ 
    (a) FORTRAN language                           (b) Micro processor
    (c) INTEL 486 processor                    (d) Pentium - 4 processor
    (e) None of these

4. The speed of third generation computer is __________
    (a) 10 micro seconds                      (b) 333 micro seconds
    (c) 400 nano seconds                     (d) 100 nano seconds
    (e) None of these

5. Which of the following scientists invented the First Integrated Circuit?
   (a) JP Eckert & JW Mauchly
   (b) Jock Kilby & Robert Noyee
   (c) John Kemeny & Thomas Kurtz
   (d) Howard Aitken & Grace hopper
   (e) None of these

6. POST stands for____________.
    (a) Power on self Test
    (b) Program on self Test
    (c) Power on system Test
    (d) Program on system Test
    (e) Power off system Test

7. Track ball is an example of a/an
    (a) Pointing device                 (b) Output device
    (c) Software device                (d) Programming
   (e) Printing device

8. A computer tower is not_____________.
    (a) Hardware                         (b) A CPU
    (c) Peripheral                        (d) The Heart of the computer
    (d) None of these

9. Which of the following is largest unit of storage?
   (a) KB                             (b) MB
   (c) TB                             (d) GB
   (e) None of these

10. BIT stands for ______.
    (a) Before Instructed Task       (b) Built In Tasks
    (c) Binary Digit                       (d) Before initial Task
    (e) Before Interpreting Task

11. To make the number pad act as directional arrows you press the _________ key.
     (a) Caps lock                                   (b)  Arrow lock
     (c) Num lock                                   (d) Shift
     (d) None of these

12. What if  main folder on a storage device called?
     (a) Root directory                        (b) Interface
     (c) Home page                             (d) platform
     (e) None of these

13. A bridge recognizes addresses of 
     (a) Layer 1                      (b) Layer 2
     (c) Layer 3                      (d) Layer 4
     (e) None of these

14. _______ is the process of finding errors in software code.
     (a) Compling                        (b) Running
     (c) Testing                            (d) Debugging
     (e) None of these

15. The term gigabytes refers to 
     (a) 1024 bytes               (b) 1024 kilobytes
     (c) 1024 megabytes      (d) 1024 bits
     (e) None of these

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