Computer Quiz - 15 Questions from Recent Exams (Part 16)

1. Which of the following is a Web browser ?
    (a) Paint                                (b) Word
    (c) Excel                               (d) Firefox
    (e) Microsoft

2. A normal compiler takes source code as input and produces this as output.
    (a) Machine code                             (b) Object code
    (c) Assembly code                           (d) All of the above
    (e) None of the above

3. Which of the following controls the manner of interaction between the user and the operating system ?
     (a) Language translator                                             (b) Platform 
     (c) User interface                                                      (d) Screen saver
     (e) None of the above

4. The Operating System that mostly running on PDA computer is a ___________ Operating System. 
      (a) Real time
      (b) Single user, Single task
      (c) Single user, Multi task
      (d) Multi user, Multi task 
      (e) None of the above 

5. Execution of two or more programs by a Single CPU is known as_________.
    (a) Multiuser                                       (b) time sharing
    (c) Multi programming                      (d) Multiprocessing
    (e) None of the above 

6. Use of Icon and windows are characteristic of a ___________ interface.
    (a) Command driven                                    (b) Menu Driven 
    (c) Windows Oriented                                  (d) Graphical User 
    (e) None of the above

7. Which command is used to set a name to a disk in DOS ?
     (a) Disklabel                                                  (b) Label
     (c) Vol                                                            (d) Volume
     (e) None of the above

8. The ___________ tells the computer how to use its components.
    (a) Applications program                                 (b) Utility 
    (c) Network                                                      (d) Operating System
    (e) None of the above

9. Which of the following is not a usual file extension in Dos ?
    (a) Class                                           (b) DAT
    (c) EXE                                            (d) BAT
    (e) None of the above

10. With this type of memory, large programs are divided into parts and the parts stored on a secondary device, usually a hard disk.
     (a) Cache                                                   (b) Extended 
     (c) Virtual                                                  (d) Flash 
     (e) None of the above

11. In Windows NT, NT stands for ____________
     (a) New Technology                                    (b) Number Technology
     (c) New Terminology                                  (d) Number Technique
     (e) None of the above

12. Code name for windows 95 Operating System is ______________?
      (a) Black comb                                 (b) Chicago
      (c) Cascade                                       (d) Coral
      (e) None of the above

13. Keyboard Shortcuts are used to move the ____________.
      (a) I-beam                                              (b) Insertion point 
      (c) Scroll bar                                          (d) Mouse
      (e) None of the above

14. Which of the following is not a term pertaining to word ?
      (a) Delete                                          (b) Copy
      (c) Edit                                              (d) Slide show
      (e) None of the above

15. What is place to the left of horizantal scroll bar ?
      (a) Tab buttons                                      (b) Split buttons
      (c) Indicators                                         (d) View buttons
      (e) None of the above

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