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English Mania Series : Sentence Improvement Test

Published on Wednesday, January 20, 2016
english mania
1. Agencies hence needed to be sure of returns before investing, say ad men.
   (a) hence needs to be
   (b) so needs to be
   (c) hence need to be
   (d) No Improvement

2. India is still a nascent market and that's the spirit everyone's looking at it.
    (a) looking for it
    (b) looking in it
    (c) looking with it
    (d) No Improvement

3. Questioning the state's move to allow women to serve liquor but not dance in bars of the ground that dancing aroused physical lust.
    (a) on the grounds that
    (b) of the grounds that
    (c) over the grounds that
    (d) No Improvement

4. For England the positives from their crushing series lose come in the shape of James Anderson and Kevin Pietersen, both of which have made significant strides up the rankings.
    (a) both of which
    (b) both of whom
    (c) both of who
    (d) No Improvement

5. But too much of availability can compromise a luxury brand or made it lose its luster.
    (a) make her lose
    (b) make him lose
    (c) make it lose
    (d) No Improvement

6. It is like saying Hindi movies, with skimpily dressed dancers, would effect public order.
    (a) effect your
    (b) affect public
    (c) affected public
    (d) No Improvement

7. All-rounder Ifran Pathan has also made some progress over the player rankings.
    (a) above the
    (b) at the
    (c) up the
    (d) No Improvement

8. It's a family potboiler, medical thriller and political drama all in one-except that it's all too real and all too grim.
 (a) all 3 in one
 (b) all coupled into one
 (c) all rolled into one
 (d) No Improvement

9. India's efforts to get international support for its civil nuclear energy programmer got a go ahead on Sunday as Germany indicated it would not come in the way of the India -US nuclear deal.
 (a) a life in
 (b) a boost on
 (c) a boost at
 (d) No Improvement

10. Is it time for old bungalows to bite the dust ?
      (a) go down
      (b) get down
      (c) come down
      (d) No Improvement

11. The bungalows was an outward manifestation of a certain way in life, and with that era gone.
      (a) way for life
      (b) way of life
      (c) way at life
      (d) No Improvement

12. The impatient present has usually demolished more of the past before we wake up to the irretrievable loss.
 (a) much of
 (b) much of their
 (c) much of the
 (d) No Improvement

13. Preservation is a romantic notion; demolition quiet more practical reasons.
      (a) has many
      (b) had many
      (c) have many
      (d) No Improvement

14. You must get back to your charming self and impress the audience with your social skills.
      (a) own self
      (b) main self
      (c) own uniqueness
      (d) No Improvement

15. There are a number of mineral springs in the Czech territory, which has been used for medicinal purposes since the early 15th century.
 (a) have been used
 (b) had been used
 (c) has being used
 (d) No Improvement

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1. hence need to be
2. No Improvement
3. on the grounds that
4. both of who
5. make it lose
6. affected public
7. up the
8. all rolled into one
9. a boost on
10. No Improvement
11. way of life
12. much of the
13. has many
14. No Improvement
15. No Improvement
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