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Idioms and Phrases from Previous Papers

Published on Tuesday, January 05, 2016

1) Bring down the house

Receive applause
Usage: Though it was his maiden speech, he brought down the house because of his oratory skill.

2) Curry favor with

Win favor of somebody
Usage: Anita gave a lot of costly presents to her science teacher to curry favor with her.

3) Chip of the old block

Resembling one's parents in habit
Usage: Agnes is quite helpful like her father, so she is a chip of the old block.

4) Grid up the lions

To prepare for hard work
Usage: Indians must grid up the loins to face any foreign attack on their country.

5) Spick and span 

In order
Usage: Her house looked spick and span because everything was in its place.

6) Shot in the arm

Something that has a sudden and positive effect on something, providing encouragement and new activity. 
Usage: Knowledge of martial arts was a short in the arms for the new army recruits.

7) Egg someone on

To encourage someone to do something, esp, something unwise or bad
Usage: Shewta was egging him on to fight.

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