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Mania Series- English Language (Sentence Improvements)

Published on Sunday, January 03, 2016
Directions: In these questions, a part of the sentence is bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold part at (a), (b) and (c) which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed, your answer is D.
Sentence Improvements

1. To avoid last hour rushing, please immediately deposit VAT and file your Monthly and Quarterly DVAT return.
a) last rush 
b) last minute rush
c) last minute rushing
d) No Improvement 

2. But people resent that most of the poverty funds are lost for corruption and administrative expenses.
a) are lost in 
b) are lost at 
c) is lost in 
d) No Improvement 

3. Wisdom, Vision, Ideals & Thought continue to guide us every moment in our Journey ahead.
a) continue to guiding 
b) continuously guide 
c) continuing at guiding 
d) No Improvement 

4. With each passing day your memories grow deep, your loving nature will always be cherished.
a) grew deep 
b) grew deeper 
c) grow deeper 
d) No Improvement

5. The new seat technology alone, when used in add more places for passengers can add millions in additional annual revenue.
a) used to 
b) when used to 
c) when using to 
d) No Improvement

6. Airbus has been quietly pitching the standing - room only option to Asian carriers, though none had agreed to it yet.
a) none have been agreed 
b) none have being agreed 
c) none have agreed 
d) No Improvement 

7. Multi - storeyed housing units would be constructed through public private partnership at the land occupied by slum - dwellers.
a) in the land 
b) on the land 
c) over the land
d) No Improvement 

8. New Delhi was watching the political thriller unfold in the hilly kingdom with apparent nervousness.
a) was watching the 
b) is watching the 
c) was watching a 
d) No Improvement

9. The ability to trust others, and understand the needs of others, is directly relates to touching.
a) directly relating
b) directly related
c) direct relation 
d) No Improvement 

10. Don't expose to direct sun or keep them under fan and near an AC.
a) under fan or near an AC
b) beside fan or near an AC
c) under fan or under an AC
d) No Improvement 

11. The material (of artificial flower), style of arrangement and location should complementing each other.  
a) complement each another
b) complement each other
c) complement after
d) No Improvement 

12. There is times when your best efforts could prove fruitless because of wrong timing.
a) There are time
b) There are times
c) There is time
d) No Improvement 

13. Because its shores line the narrow Straits of Hormuz, Iran could quickly hit both military and commercial shipping.
a) will quickly hit
b) shall quickly hit
c) will be quick hitting
d) No Improvement 

14. More of them are owned by the state and even the privately - owned ones are open to the public.
a) Most of which
b) Most of them
c) Most of all
d) No Improvement

15. If they close the Gulf for a length of time to shipping, then certainly we could look at $150 probably higher.
a) larger amount of time
b) larger duration of time
c) larger amount of hours
d) No Improvement 


1. last minute rush 
2. are lost in 
3. continue to guiding 
4. grow deeper 
5. when used to 
6. none have agreed 
7. on the land 
8. was watching the 
9. directly related
10. under fan or near an AC
11. complement each other 
12. There are times 
13. No Improvement 
14. Most of them 
15. No Improvement 
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