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Reasoning Mania: Input-Output (with Solution Key)

Published on Saturday, January 09, 2016
Dear Readers,
Input-Output is a very expecting question in LIC AAO, IBPS SO, SIDBI Grade A Officer and other exams, So, today we are presenting you a question set on Input-Output set for your practice in Reasoning Mania Session. Try to solve it. For any type of queries you may leave a comment.

Reasoning Mania: Input-Output

Directions (Q 1-5): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions.

A word and number arrangement machine when given an input line of words and numbers rearranges them following a particular rule in each step. The following is an illustration of input and rearrangement.

Input: say  to  12  by  29  all  71  same  53  81  above  61
Step I: above  say  to  by  29  all  71  same  53  81  61  12
Step II: above  same  say  to  by  all  71  53  81  61  12  29

Step III: above  same  say  all  to  by  71  81  61  12  29  53
Step IV: above  same  say  all  to  by  71  81  12  29  53  61
Step V: above  same  say  all  to  by  81  12  29  53  61  71
Step VI: above  same  say  all  to  by 12  29  53  61  71  81
Step VI is the last step of the above input. Now, the following questions are based on the given input.

Input: toy 18  till  24  36  is  of  never  87  99  cut  73

1. Which of the following will be the penultimate step?
a) Step VI
b) Step IV
c) Step V
d) Step III
e) None of these

2. What will be the position of ‘is’ in the last but one step?
a) sixth from the left
b) seventh from the right
c) sixth from the right
d) fifth from the left
e) none of these

3. Which word/number would be the fourth from the right end in Step IV?
a) cut
b) 99
c) 73
d) 18
e) 24

4. How many steps will be required to give the final output?
a) four
b) five
c) eight
d) seven
e) six

5. Which step would give the following output: ’never  till  toy  cut  is  of  87  99  73  18  24  26’?
a) Step II
b) Step IV
c) Step III
d) Step V
e) There will be no such step


The machine rearranges the words and numbers in such a way that the words are arranged according to the length of words in descending order from left end. Words of the same length are arranged in reserve English alphabetical order, while numbers are arranged in ascending order on the right end in each step.

Input: toy  18  till  24  36  is  of   never  87  99  cut  73
Step I: never   toy  till  24  36  is  of   87  99  cut  73  18
Step II: never  toy  till  36  is  of   87  99  cut  73  18  24
Step III: never  toy  till  cut  is   of  87 99 73  18  24  36
Step IV: never  toy  till cut  of   is  87  99  18  24  36 73
Step V: never  toy  till  cut  of   is  99  18  24 36  73  87

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