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Sentence Improvement - English Language Test (Part 2)

Published on Saturday, January 09, 2016
English Language Test
1. Asia-Pacific has become the first region to reach aggregate profiting in biotech.
   a) to reach aggregated profitability
   b) to reach aggregate profitability
   c) to reach aggregate of profit
   d) No Improvement

2. It must retain the language of poetry. It needed to create stories, and not statements.
   a) It needed creating
   b) It needs creating
   c) It needs to create
   d) No Improvement

3. China and India continued to attract attention and deals, motivated by the desire to increase access to these largest and growing drug markets and by the need to lower the costs of drug development.
  a) larger and growing
  b) large and growing
  c) larger and grown
  d) No Improvement

4. India is deviating to embrace the West. If Western luxury brands deviate a little, albeit selectively,  they will find rich Indian arms open far and wide.
   a) though selectively
   b) however selectively
   c) albeit selectedly
   d) No Improvement

5. Still, it's under-the-upper layers themselves who are aspiring for slivers of luxury.
    a) layers themselves which
    b) layer itself who
    c) layers themself which
    d) No Improvement

6. Pakistan's two former PMs had met in London to ask a strategy to return home from exile.
    a) to chalk out
    b) to negotiate
    c) to create
    d) No Improvement

7. The builder Mittals will reportedly raise their money-raking high-rise behind it.
    a) highten their money
    b) rise their money
    c) raise there money
    d) No Improvement

8. Stay focused on your goals and don't get disturbed by non-materialistic possessions.
    a) get involved by
    b) get betrayed by
    c) get distracted by
    d) No Improvement

9. The picturesque mountains offers excellent bungee jumping spots.
    a) shows
    b) provides
    c) offer
    d) No Improvement

10. Begin your meal with traditional faves like potato soup, beef soup with liver dumplings or dill soup made from sour milk.
     a) meals with
     b) meal in
     c) meals of
     d) No Improvement

11. Tensions above Iran come at a time of strong demand for energy.
      a) under
      b) inside
      c) over
      d) No Improvement

12. US can launch strikes at uranium enrichment facilities  in Iran.
      a) might launch
      b) could launch
      c) might launched
      d) No Improvement

13. Trust your instincts and see all hurdles.
      a) get freedom from
      b) visualize
      c) overcome
      d) No Improvement

14. Houses with more of carvings in their interiors, can go for gerberas.
      a) many
      b) lots of
      c) lot of
      d) No Improvement

15. For a traditional party, such as Diwali or Holi, traditional marigold and jasmine are a best option.
      a) the better option
      b) the best option
      c) the best options
      d) No Improvement

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 1. to reach aggregate of profit
 2. It needs to create 
 3.  large and growing
 4. No Improvement
 5. layers themself which  
 6. to chalk out
 7. No Improvement
 8. get distracted by
 9. offer
10. meals with
11. over
12. might launch
13. overcome
14. lots of 
15. the best option

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