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Sentence Improvement Test : English Mania Series (Part 2)

Published on Wednesday, January 13, 2016
english series
1. Now pause Live TV & watch with your convenience and also record your favorite TV programmer.
     (a) at your convenient
     (b) your convenience

     (c) at your convenience
     (d) No Improvement

2. It is very difficult to store and save almost everything-money, possessions, energy words food, fat.
    (a) most difficult
    (b) very much difficult
    (c) highly difficult
    (d) No Improvement

3. Have graceful movement, liquid eyes, and a gliding walk, although overweight.
    (a) though
    (b) even if
    (c) even
    (d) No Improvement

4. Be happy with the status quo and preserve it by conciliating others.
    (a) preserve that by
    (b) it is preserved
    (c) preserving it by
    (d) No Improvement

5. It may not beat winning the lottery, but money you can take to the bank.
    (a) but it's money
    (b) so it's money
    (c) but it's money that
    (d) No Improvement

6. Likewise, investors are more interested in crunching numbers than they are for fielding calls from potential sellers.
     (a) they are in
     (b) they are at
     (c) they are in favour of
     (d) No Improvement

7. One of the first lesson that a young MNC manager learns is that "God is in the details".
     (a) lesson which a
     (b) lessons that a
     (c) lessons which a
     (d) No Improvement

8. In view of the few availability of land, the ministry has decided to take up rehabilitation work on a self -sustaining basis.
    (a) little availability of
    (b) some availability of
    (c) scarce availability of
    (d) No Improvement

9. At Chattarpur Enclave, the first thing that hits you is a massive under construction illegal building
    where work has been stopped.
    (a) a first thing
    (b) one of the first thing
    (c) the first best thing
    (d) No Improvement

10. While you may never win the lottery, able to get cash for paper assets is a sure bet.
      (a) being able to
      (b) getting able to
      (c) in being able to
      (d) No Improvement

11. High fuel costs, for example, are making it difficult for carriers to turn a profit.
      (a) making difficult for
      (b) making difficulty for
      (c) making it as difficult as
      (d) No Improvement

12. To avoid controversies, IRCTC also plans to continue samosa-chai stalls which currently dot stations.
      (a) plan to continue
      (b) plan's to continue
      (c) plan to continuing
      (d) No Improvement

13. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation an autonomous body under the railways ministry, has drawing up a plan to open 2000 such stalls which would serve standard food.
    (a) has drawed up
    (b) have drawn up
    (c) has drawn up
    (d) No Improvement

14. Anti-monarch agitators cheer on top of a bus in kathmandu on Tuesday.
     (a) above a
     (b) at the top of a
     (c) above the
     (d) No Improvement

15. Touch and positive attitudes has been proven to go together.
      (a) have been proven
      (b) have been proved
      (c) have been prove
      (d) No Improvement


1. at your convenience
2. No Improvement
3. even if
4. No Improvement
5. but it's money
6. they are in
7. lessons that a
8. scarce availability of
9. No Improvement
10. being able to
11. No Improvement
12. plan to continuing
13. has drawn up
14. No Improvement
15. have been proven

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