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Sentence Improvement Test : English Mania Series (Part 1)

Published on Friday, January 22, 2016
1. Apart from frequent art exhibitions, their are also permanent collections devoted to archaeology, anthropology, mineralogy, natural history and numismatics.
(a) there is also
(b) there are also

(c) their are also
(d) No Improvement

2. You can visit the Czech Museum of Fine Arts, at a permanent exhibition on Czech Kubism.
    (a) with a
    (b) for a
    (c) in a
    (d) No Improvement

3. You may lose the war, but with calm, poise and serenity you will win the big battle that may be following.
 (a) that may follows
 (b) that may follow
 (c) that might be following
 (d) No Improvement

4. You'll be a little more romantic and may want to go away from the hustle-bustle around you.
     (a) get away
     (b) have get away
     (c) got away
     (d) No Improvement

5. Success is a made up of good fortune and hard work.
    (a) is
    (b) is a
    (c) is a blend of
    (d) No Improvement

6. For an artistic look, have lots of cherry blossoms put together in a vase.
    (a) together
    (b) jumbled together
    (c) made together
    (d) No Improvement

7. Use of dispirin and aspirin help the buds to bloom faster.
    (a) helped the
    (b) helps in the
    (c) helps the
    (d) No Improvement

8. If you, prefer the lived-in comfy look, clear glass flower vases make for cheerful addition.
    (a) makes for
    (b) make for a
    (c) makes for a
    (d) No Improvement

9. Cut the stem of the flower every other day. this helps it to consume water and last for a longer duration of time.
(a) longer span of time
(b) longer period of time
(c) larger period of time
(d) No Improvement

10. When the clock struck six I was reading here for an hour.
       (a) had waited
       (b) had been waiting
       (c) waited
       (d) No Improvement

11. The minister agreed will answer questions on television.
      (a) to answer
      (b) for answering
      (c) with answering
      (d) No Improvement

12. The workers are hell bent at getting what is due to them.
      (a) hell bent on getting
      (b) hell bent for getting
      (c) hell bent upon getting
      (d) No Improvement

13. The record for the biggest tiger hunt has not been met since 1911 when Lord Hardinge. then Viceroy of India, shot a tiger than measured 11 feet and 6 inches.
      (a) improved
      (b) broken
      (c) bettered
      (d) No Improvement

14. Will you kindly open the knot?
       (a) untie
       (b) break
       (c) loose
       (d) No Improvement

15. Will you lend me few rupees in this hour of need?
      (a) lend me any rupees
      (b) borrow me a few rupees
      (c) lend me a few rupees
      (d) No Improvement

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1. there are also 
2. with a
3. that may follow
4. get away
5. is a blend of
6. No Improvement
7.  helps the
8. No Improvement
9. longer period of time
10. had been waiting 
11. to answer 
12. hell bent upon getting
13. broken
14. untie
15. lend me a few rupees

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