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Banking Awareness Quiz : Part 103

Published on Saturday, February 27, 2016
Ques 1.
''BCSBI''  Stands  for :
A. Banking Codes  and Standards Boards of India
B. Board  Code for Standards in Branches
C. Board Code for Standard in Banking
D. None of the above 

Ques 2.
As per KYC policy the  list  of terrorist organizations is supplied to the Bank by the :
A. Government of India

Ques 3.
As per RBI  directives which of the following areas / functions cannot be outsourced  by the Bank:
A. opening and closing of accounts
B. cash collection from the parties
C. recovery  of bad loans
D. credit and debit cards

Ques 4.
Asset Reconstruction Company is associated with :

Ques 5.
Authorized of Trade  of a country is euipment to :
A. Reserve Bank of India
B.  Government of India
C. Individual Banks

Ques 6.
Banker's  right of set  off can be  exercised on receipt of :
A. Income Tax Attachment order
B. Garnishee Order
C. Both A and B
D. None of the above

Ques 7.
Banks should not grant new loans for purpose  of minor irrigation in ;
A. White Block \
B. Grey Block
C. Dark Block
D. All of these

Ques 8.
Closed Economy is one in which :
A. only export takes place
B. money supply is fully controlled
C. deficit financing takes  place
D. neither export nor import takes place

Ques 9.
Commercial Papers are  secured by:
A. floating charge on stockes
B. unsecured loans
C. fixed assets
D. book - debts

Ques 10.
Demand draft for Rs. 20,000 and above :
A. can be paid in cash
B. should not be paid in cash
C. mode  of payment will depend on the status of the customer
D. None of the above

Ques 11.
Deposits under NRF/FCNB accounts are linked to :
A. Base Rate
D. None of these

Ques 12.
Escrow account is useful/ helpful to:
A. importers
B. exporters
C. both A and B
D. None of these

Ques 13.
FEMA provides  that a  person becomes a resident if he stay  in India for ...... or more in the previous year.
A. 180 Days
B. 181 Days
C. 182 Days
D. 183 Days

Ques 14.
Head Office of the Asian Development Bank located in :
A. Jakarta
B. manila
C. Nairobi
D. Tokyo


Ques 15.
In respect of ' ' Door Step Banking ' ' ,  RBI has issued directives under the provisions of :
A. Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934
B. Negotiable  Instruments Act, 1881
C. Banking Regulation Act, 1949
D.  Shops and Establishments Act

solutions :

Ans 1. Banking codes and standards boards of India

Ans 2. RBI

Ans 3. opening and closing of accounts

Ans 4. NPA

Ans 5. Reserve Bank of India

Ans 6. Both A and B

Ans 7. Dark Block

Ans 8. neither  export nor  import takes place '

Ans 9. Unsecured loans

Ans 10.  should not be paid in cash

Ans 11. LIBOR

Ans 12. exporters

Ans 13. 182 Days

Ans 14.Manila

Ans 15. Banking Regulation Act, 1949

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