English Mania: Cloze Test - Part 7

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Today we are presenting English Mania which is based on Cloze Test for upcoming banking and insurance exams. Try to solve it. You may expect similar type of cloze test in your upcoming exams.

English Mania: Cloze Test

Directions (Q.1-10): In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words/phrases are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

As India (_1_) in the successful consolidation of a new (_2_) with the United States and hopes to (_3_) old romance with Russia, there will be a strong temptation in New Delhi to play with grand (_4_) themes. Instead of dreaming up outlandish geopolitical scenarios to (_5_) India’s global standing, India must remain focused on the (_6_) challenges before the nation. Indian (_7_), surely, cannot and should not ignore the board strategic trends that are (_8_) the world and its own neighborhood. But an excessive (_9_) with geopolitics could lead India away from the basic problems that (_10_) its national security strategy.
a) beholds
b) basks
c) hogs
d) races
e) delves

a) era
b) lesson
c) chapter
d) liaison
e) favouritism

a) produce
b) rekindle
c) inundate
d) epitomiza
e) eschew

a) lateral
b) favourite
c) innocuous
d) intermittent
e) strategic

a) popularise
b) pronounce
c) boost
d) prettify
e) brandish

a) core
b) global
c) widening
d) militancy
e) soaring

a) politicians
b) bureaucracy
c) culture
d) diplomacy
e) spirit

a) marking
b) concerning
c) shaping
d) daunting
e) surrounding

a) obsession
b) botheration
c) consolidation
d) burden
e) assimilation

a) tame
b) dog
c) hinge
d) augur
e) determines


1. b) basks
2. d) liaison
3. b) rekindle
4. e) strategic
5. c) boost
6. a) core
7. d) diplomacy
8. c) shaping
9. a) obsession
10. b) dog

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