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English Mania: Fill in the Blank (with Solution) - Part 1

Published on Thursday, February 18, 2016
Dear Readers,
Today we are presenting English Mania which is based on Fill in the Blank for Banking and Insurance exams. Try to solve it. You may expect similar type of Fill in the Blank in your upcoming exams.

English Mania: Fill in the Blank

Directions (Q.1-10): In each of the following sentences there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence there are five pairs of words denoted by number 1) 2) 3) 4) and 5). Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make it meaningfully complete.

1. A nation that loses the ____________ of honesty loses its ____________.

a) power, will 
b) appeal, charisma
c) dictum, ground 
d) stamina, courage 
e) virtue, soul

2. If one gets rid of the government officials and politicians from the ___________ of electronic activities, corruption will be _____________. 
a) hub, balanced 
b) nexus, alleviated 
c) sphere, reduced 
d) gear, eliminated 
e) genre, alleviated

3. The principal aim of a socialist state is to ____________ ____________ in income and status and standards of life. 
a) abolish, poverty 
b) curb, menace 
c) eliminate, inequality 
d) check, gulf 
e) minimise, standars

4. To fight natural calamities, wisdom requires that we _____________ crises and ______________ for them. 
a) apprehend, tackle 
b) anticipate, prepare 
c) hamper, secure 
d) address, evolve 
e) sense, deviate

5. This collection of essays has _____________ beyond has traditional ____________ of versatile economist. 
a) ventured, domain 
b) marked, line 
c) performed, performance 
d) sold, copyright 
e) held, charisma

6. It is quite true that when the whole economy is in _____________, raising the rate of interest has other ____________. 
a) seize, burdens 
b) shambles, dimensions 
c) jeopardy, glimpse 
d) distress, implications 
e) swing, justification

7. In a democracy, it is essential that __________ voices on one extreme or the other should exist as part of the system of checks and ____________. 
a) concerned, pressure 
b) dissenting, balances 
c) confronting, pranks 
d) opposition, whims 
e) eager, fancies

8. The party has itself to ___________for failing in its basic task of addressing people's _______________. 
a) punish, concerns 
b) penalise, woes 
c) bear, anxieties 
d) blame, problems 
e) introspect, duties

9. The serial has been ___________ aspirants from ___________ the society. 
a) tantalising, over 
b) attracting, across 
c) haunting, amidst 
d) eulogising, among 
e) gathering, above

10. Despite illiteracy, the ____________ of Indian voters have already demonstrated their political ____________. 
a) mood, hobnob 
b) bulk, callousness 
c) multitude, maturity 
d) reflection, taste 
e) mass, differences


1. e) virtue, soul
2. c) sphere, reduced
3. c) eliminate, inequality
4. b) anticipate, prepare
5. a) ventured, domain
6. d) distress, implications
7. b) dissenting, balances
8. d) blame, problems
9. b) attracting, across
10. c) multitude, maturity

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