English Mania Series : Cloze Test

cloze test
The ridge is on the ...(1)... of collapse.The stems of trees are being slaughtered without any ...(2).... or reason. The nearby residents cut plants just for cooking purpose ....(3)... realising that their ...(4)... act
will spoil the environment. Though the forest department must have foreign guards in the areas yet they ...(5)... seem to have the will and strength ro take ...(6)... to stop the felling of trees. Everyday one can see wood and fresh cut stems which ....(7)... taken away by those living in the neighbourhood. It is not clear as to why they ...(8)... about the crime of felling of trees which is punishable ...(9)... the law.

A. verge
B. limit
C. border
D. boundary

A. sense
B. rhyme
C. rhythm
D. ultimatum

3. A. without
B. scarcely
C. not
D. hardly

A. foolish
B. absurd
C. mean
D. unmindful

A. does not
B. do not
C. don't
D. won't

A. part
B. step
C. enthusiasm
D. measures

A. has been
B. have been
C. are
D. had been

A. are not being told
B. are not told
C. have not been told
D. had not been told

A. by
B. under
C. in
D. into


1. Option A
2. Option B
3. Option D
4. Option D
5. Option B
6. Option D
7. Option C
8. Option A
9. Option B

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