English Vocabulary Quiz : With Explanations

1. Unprepossessing
    (a) infamous
    (b) unremarkable
    (c) chairtable
    (d) greedy
    (e) None of the above

2. Peevish
    (a) hungry
    (b) tiny
    (c) irritable
    (d) desperate
    (e) None of the above

3. Redress
    (a) put clothes on
    (b) correct unfairness
    (c) overtake
    (d) disregard
    (e) None of the above

4. Abrogate
    (a) side with
    (b) bring into existence
    (c) take aggressively
    (d) overturn a law
    (e) None of the above

5. Eponym
    (a) derived from a name
    (b) vague remark
    (c) unfamiliar term
    (d)special skill
    (e) None of the above

6. Facetious
    (a) bitterly sarcastic
    (b) remarkable
    (c) many-sided
    (d) humorous
    (e) None of the above

7. Malapropism
    (a) forceful taking
    (b) confusing similar words
    (c) subtle remark
    (d) allusion
    (e) None of the above

8. Schadenfreude
    (a) composure
    (b) contentedness
    (c) place of safety
    (d) joy in other's suffering
    (e) None of the above

9. Glean
    (a) discuss
    (b) collect
    (c) remove
    (d) entangle
    (e) None of the above

10. Maladroit
      (a) comical
      (b) vicious
      (c) clumsy
      (d) inappropriate
      (e) None of the above

11. Plodding
      (a) notable
      (b) slow-moving
      (c) praising
      (d) conspiring
      (e) None of the above

12. Presumption
      (a) fresh start
      (b) previous knowledge
      (c) assumption
      (d) specific concern
      (e) None of the above

13. Irascible
      (a) upbeat
      (b) vulnerable
      (c) cautious
      (d) easily angered
      (e) None of the above

14. Miscreant
      (a) one without faith
      (b) lawbreaker
      (c) liar
     (d) one lacking money
     (e) None of the above

15. Incumbent
      (a) upcoming
      (b) prying
      (c) necessary
      (d) important
      (e) None of the above


1. unremarkable
2. irritable
3. correct unfairness
4. overturn a law
5. derived from a name
6. humorous
7. confusing similar words
8. joy in other's suffering
9. collect
10. clumsy
11. slow-moving
12. assumption
13. easily angered
14. lawbreaker
15. necessary

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