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English Mania : Grammar Test

Published on Thursday, February 11, 2016
Englush Mania : Grammar Test
Directions: In the following questions choose the correct options to fill the blanks.

1. The boy _____________ broke the chair was punished.
    (a) Whose
    (b) Whom

    (c) Who
    (d) None of these

2. He __________ nobody ever loved became a saint later.
    (a) Who
    (b) Whose
    (c) Whom
    (d) None of these

3. The snake ___________ we saw in the forest was a cobra.
     (a) Who
     (b) Which
     (c) Whom
     (d) None of these

4. The books ___________ you gave me are interesting.
     (a) Which
     (b) Whom
     (c) Who
     (d) None of these

5. The place was so dirty that ___________ wished to run away from there.
    (a) Everybody
    (b) Anybody
    (c) Few
    (d) None of these

6. __________ was there to help me.
    (a) Somebody
    (b) Anything
    (c) Nobody
    (d) None of these

7. Is there __________ to eat ?
    (a) Any
    (b) Something
    (c) Few
    (d) None of these

8. ____________ of us should try our best to make India a heaven.
    (a) Anybody
    (b) Somebody
    (c) All
    (d) None of these

9. ___________ of us do not know the real meaning of our lives.
    (a) Several
    (b) Something
    (c) Many
    (d) None of these

10. My ________ black.
      (a) hairs are
      (b) hair is
      (c) hair will
      (d) None of these

11. She saw two ____________ on the last Sunday.
      (a) thiefs
      (b) thieves
      (c) theives
      (d) None of these

12. Take anything ________ you want.
      (a) that
      (b) which
      (c) than
      (d) None of these

13. He is __________ faithful partner.
      (a) yours
      (b) you
      (c) your
      (d) None of these

14. Ajay is more smart than ______________.
      (a) her
      (b) herself
      (c) she
      (d) None of these

15. Vivek works harder than ________.
      (a) me
      (b) I
      (c) his
      (d) None of these

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1. Who
2. Whom
3. Which
4. Which
5. Everybody
6. Nobody
7. Something
8. All
9. Many
10. hair is
11. thieves
12. that
13. your
14. she
15. I

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