Error Spotting Test : English Language

Error Spotting Test
1. (a) The children ran
    (b) away
    (c) seeing the tiger
    (d) in terrible fear
    (e) No Error

2. (a) The plane was
    (b) struck
    (c) by lighting and
    (d) completely destroyed
    (e) No Error

3. (a) It is a pity that
    (b) the standard of
    (c) our football is going down
    (d) I hope our team will lose
    (e) No Error

4. (a) An official should be
    (b) both regular and
    (c) punctual in attendance, even though he or she
    (d) are otherwise efficient
    (e) No Error

5. (a) Thieves
    (b) broke into his house
    (c) last night
    (d) this caused much loss
    (e) No Error

6. (a) I shall not go into all the depressing details
    (b) suffice it to
    (c) say the whole affairs
    (d) was an utter disaster
    (e) No Error

 7. (a) You should
    (b) only write
    (c) on one side
    (d) of the paper
    (e) No Error

8. (a) She enjoys
    (b) to learn
    (c) the English language as she is
    (d) interested in it
    (e) No Error

 9. (a) she enjoys
    (b) to learn
    (c) the English language as she is
    (d) interested in it
    (e) No Error

10. (a) India is
      (b) one of the
      (c) leading rice producing
      (d) country in the world
      (e) No Error

11. (a) The fraud was
      (b) discovered, and
      (c) he was tried and
      (d) imprisoned since six months
      (e) No Error

12. (a) I introduced her to one
      (b) of my friends
      (c) who is a writer
      (d) and an artist
      (e) No Error

13. (a) No sooner he had
      (b) arrived than
      (c) he was asked
      (d) to leave again
      (e) No Error

14. (a) A little
      (b) did I realise how
      (c) cleverly
      (d) I had been deceived
      (e) No Error

15. (a) The thief
      (b) took to his heels
      (c) because he was afraid
      (d) to be caught and beaten
      (e) No Error


1. on seeing the tiger. This expression should be placed at the beginning of the sentence
2. was completely destroyed
3. I fear our team will lose
4. is otherwise efficient
5. and caused much loss
6. in reminding us
7. say that the whole affairs
8. writing only
9. learning
10. countries in the world
11. imprisoned for six months
12. and artist
13. No sooner had he
14. Little
15. of being caught and beaten

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