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Foreign Language Words Used in English PDF

Published on Wednesday, February 24, 2016
1. Ultra vires
     (a) Beyond the powers
     (b) Within the powers
     (c) According to law
     (d) None of the above
2. Bona fide
    (a) In good faith
    (b) In bad faith
    (c) In good behavior
    (d) In bad behaviour

3. Innuendo
    (a) Enquiry
    (b) Indirect reference
    (c) Innovation
    (d) Inorganic

 4. Quid pro quo
    (a) Evidence
    (b) Favourable opinion
    (c) Revenge
    (d) Something in return

5. De facto
    (a) Actual
    (b) Factual
    (c) Initial
    (d) Beginning

6. Pro rata
    (a) At the rate of
    (b) At quoted rate
    (c) In proportion
    (d) Beyond all proportion

 7. Sine die
    (a) Without setting a fixed day
    (b) By voice vote
    (c) Applying mathematical concepts to solve a difficult problem
    (d) Signing legal documents before death

8. Ab initio
    (a) From the very beginning
    (b) High initiative
    (c) Thing done later
    (d) Without initiative

9. Intra vires
    (a) Within the powers
    (b) outside the powers
    (c) Within the scope of the fundamental rights
    (d) Regular

10. Vice versa
      (a) In verse
      (b) Uersatile verse
      (c) In consonance with
      (d) The other way round

11. Status quo
      (a) Legally valid
      (b) Present condition
      (c) Social position
      (d) Side remarks

 12. Prima facie
      (a) The most important
      (b) That which comes first
      (c) At first view
      (d) The face that is young

13. Ipso facto
      (a) In place of
      (b) By reason of that fact
      (c) By the same source
      (d) By the way

14. Ex gratia
      (a) Very grateful
      (b) Payment made out of generosity
      (c) Extraordinary
      (d) Before retirement

15. Ad Valorem
      (a) According to quality
      (b) According to value
      (c) According to nature
      (d) According to time

16. Status quo
      (a) The state in which things are
      (b) The past state of affair
      (c) To maintain past state of affair
      (d) To maintain future state of affair

17. Ad interim
      (a) In the meantime
      (b) In the pastime
      (c) In between
      (d) In action

18. Quasi
      (a) As if it were
      (b) Null
      (c) Void
      (d) Quashed

19. Volte face
       (a) To not face
       (b) To face about
       (c) To remain absent
       (d) To remain present

20. Ex post facto
      (a) By a subsequent act
      (b) By virtue of an office
      (c) In itself
      (d) Not complete

21. Caveat
      (a) A warning
      (b) An injuction
      (c) Writ
      (d) Certiorari

22. Exempli gratia
      (a) Without examples
      (b) Theoretically
      (c) Through mass contact
      (d) By way of example

23. Vis-a-vis
       (a) Direct
       (b) Opposite
       (c) Face-to-face
       (d) Agree

24. Force majeure
      (a) Superior power
      (b) Inferior power
      (c) Weak power
      (d) Finite power

25. De Jure
      (a) Illegal
      (b) Heir
      (c) Concerning law
      (d) Forbidden 

26. Per jure
      (a) To confess
      (b) To deny
      (c) To hide
      (d) To lie

Amicus curiae
      (a) An old man
      (b) Name given to the poorman
      (c) Friend of court or lawyer appointed by a court
      (d) A litigant before the court

28. Alibi
      (a) Every where
      (b) Else where
      (c) No where
      (d) Without any excuse

29. Vox populi
      (a) A famous personality
      (b) Popular opinion
      (c) A very popular drama
      (d) Group of people

30. Subpoena
      (a) Punishment
      (b) Summons
      (c) Delay
      (d) Ban

31. Lex tallienis
      (a) The law of the place
      (b) The law of the forum
      (c) Unwritten law
      (d) The law of retaliation

 32. Tour-de-force
       (a) Masterpiece
       (b) Riche
       (c) Traffic
       (d) Discourse

33. Sub judice
      (a) Under consideration of court of law
      (b) Beyond jurisdiction of court
      (c) Dual view
      (d) same court

 34. Force majeure
      (a) Forced labour
      (b) An inevitable event
      (c) Majority force
      (d) Democracy

35. Ex facie
      (a) In the light of what is not apparent
      (b) In the light of what is apparent
      (c) To lose the right
      (d) To lose the property

36. In curia
      (a) In open court
      (b) In closed court
      (c) In trial court
      (d) In high court

 37. Tete-a-tete
      (a) A public conversation
      (b) A friend's conversation
      (c) A private conversation
      (d) A family conversation

 38. Fait Accompli
      (a) Co-accused
      (b) Co-conspirator
      (c) Accomplished fact
      (d) Suplicable

39. Lex fori
      (a) The law of the forum or court
      (b) The law of the country
      (c) The law of nature
      (d) The law of God

40. Lalfeasance
      (a) Wrong doing
      (b) Misfortune
      (c) By the order
      (d) None of these

41. Modus operandi
      (a) Way of doing something
      (b) Manner of theft
      (c) Way of doing theft
      (d) Way of worship

42. Inter alia
      (a) Among other things
      (b) Interested in aliens
      (c) Alliance invited
      (d) All the above

43. Inter vivos
      (a) Between dead persons
      (b) Between living persons
      (c) Between child
      (d) Between human beings

44. Coup d'etat
      (a) A change of government
      (b) An abrupt change of government by force
      (c) Attack on a country
      (d) Formation of a new government

45. Mala fide
      (a) Generous
      (b) Bad intention
      (c) Trustworthy
      (d) Genuine

46. Vini, Vidi, Vice
      (a) Without victory
      (b) I came, I fell, I died
      (c) She came, she went, the end
      (d) I came, I saw, I conquered

47. El Dorado
      (a) An imaginary place
      (b) High altitude
      (c) A literary man
      (d) A country full of gold and precious stones

48. Tabula rasa
      (a) Clean slate
      (b) Agitated
      (c) Deprived
      (d) Creative

 49. Raison d'etre
      (a) Logical conclusion
      (b) Reason for existence
      (c) Free choice
      (d) Dubious argument

50. In toto
      (a) Unknown
      (b) On the whole
      (c) Isolated
      (d) Part by part 


1. Beyond the powers
2. In good faith
3. Indirect reference
4. Something in return
5. Actual
6. In proportion
7. Without setting a fixed day
8. From the very beginning
9. Within the powers
10. The other way round
11. Present condition
12. At first view
13. By reason of that fact
14. Payment made out of generosity
15. According to value
16. The state in which things are
17. In the meantime
18. As if it were
19. To face about
20. By a subsequent act
21. A warning
22. By way of example
23. Face-to-face
24. Superior power
25. Concerning law
26. To lie
27. Friend of court or lawyer appointed by a court
28. Else where
29. Popular opinion
30. Summons
31. Unwritten law
32. Masterpiece
33. Under consideration of court of law
34. An inevitable event
35. In the light of what is apparent
36. In open court
37. A private conversation
38. Accomplished fact
39. The law of the forum or court
40. Wrong doing
41. Way of doing something
42. Among other things
43. Between living persons
44. An abrupt change of government by force
45. Bad intention
46. I came, I saw, I conquered
47. An imaginary place
48. Clean slate
49. Reason for existence
50. On the whole

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