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Important Deserts of the World

Published on Monday, December 11, 2017
Dear Readers,
Today we are presenting you a short note on important deserts of the World, this is a very important topic for upcoming competitive exams.

Important Deserts of the World

Continent Desert Name Type of Desert Position Surface Area Remarks
Antarctica Antarctic Polar South Pole 1,38,29,430 square km Largest Desert and Cold Desert in the World
Asia, Europe & North America Arctic Polar North Pole 1,37,26,937 square km Second Largest Desert on the World
Asia Kara Kum Cold Winter Central Asia 3,50,000 square km
Kyzyl Kum Cold Winter Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan 3,00,000 square km
Gobi Cold Winter Mongolia 1,300,000 square km
Taklamakan Cold Winter China 2,70,000 square km
Thar-Cholistan Subtropical India and Pakistan 2,00,000 square km
Africa Kalahari Subtropical Southern Africa 9,00,000 square km
Namib Cool Coastal Southern Africa 81,000 square km
Sahara Subtropical Northern Africa 94,00,000 square km Largest Hot Desert in the World
Australia Gibson Subtropical Central Australia 1,56,000 square km
Great Sandy Subtropical North-Western Australia 4,00,000 square km
Great Victoria Subtropical Central Australia 6,47,000 square km
Simpson Subtropical Central Australia 1,45,000 square km
Tanami Subtropical Northern Australia 184,500 square km
Europe Arabian Subtropical Arabian Peninsula 23,30,000 square km
Dasht-e Kavir Subtropical Central Iran 77,000 square km
Dasht-e Lut Subtropical Southeastern Iran 52,000 square km
North America Chihuahuan Subtropical North America 4,50,000 square km
Great Basin Cold Winter US 4,92,000 square km
Mojave Subtropical US 1,24,000 square km
Sonoran Subtropical North America 3,10,000 square km
South America Atacama Cool Coastal Chile 1,40,000 square km The Driest Desert on the Earth
Patagonian Cold Winter Southern Part of South America 6,73,000 square km

Deserts in The World Map

Deserts in the world

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