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Insurance Quiz for LIC AAO

Published on Thursday, February 25, 2016
insurance quiz
Ques 1.
what is the maximum time in which the insurer should settle  a claim when all documents are submitted.?
(a) 5 days 
(b) 20 days 
(c) 30 days
(d) None of these

 Ques 2.
A missing person is considered to be dead after how many years of missing?
(a) 3 years 
(b) 5 years 
(c) 15 years 
(d) 7 years
(e) None of these 

Ques 3.
A insurer  advertises through daily news paper . What type of marketing is 
(a) cross selling 
(b) policy selling 
(c) solicitation of policy 
(d) Insurance selling  

Ques 4.
How is complaint to be launched  with an insurance ombudsman?
(a) Made face to face 
(b) made in writing 
(c) through newspaper advertisement 
(d) orally  over the phone 
(e) None of these

 Ques 5.
Who was the actual pioneer of LIC ?
(a) Debendranath  Tagore
(b) S.K .Roy
(c) Surendranath Tagore
(d) A.K .Roy 
(e) None of these

 Ques 6.
What does the term  Actuary stands for  in Insurance :
(a) A specialist in Insurance claim settlement 
(b) A specialist  in Insurance  Calculating 
(c) A specialist in Insurance  marketing 
(d) An agent 
(e) None of these

 Ques 7.
ECGC is made to private :
(a) Insurance cover in external trade
(b) Insurance  cover in  internal trade
(c) Insurance cover in  import trade 
(d) Insurance cover in export trade 
(e) None of these

 Ques 8.
IIB stands for :
(a) International Insurance Board 
(b) Intellectual  Insurance Board 
(c) Insurance information  Bureau
(d) International Insurance bond
(e) None of these

Ques 9. 
The non Government  organization (NGO) helps the insurance industry mainly in
(a) Linking third party administrator 
(b) promotional activities 
(c) Drafting new regulations
(d) Linking buyers and sellers 
(e) None of these

 Ques 10.
Insurance company transfer the insurance  which cannot  bear by them to which to the following ?
(a) TPAs
(b) Bancassurance
(c) Reinsurance 
(d) Actuaries 
(e) None of these

Solutions :

Ans 1. 30 Days 

Ans 2. 7 years 

Ans 3. solicitation of policy 

Ans 4. Made in writing

Ans 5. Debendernath Tagore 

Ans 6. A specialist in insurance calculating 

Ans 7. Insurance cover in export trade 

Ans 8. Insurance information  Bureau

Ans 9. Linking buyers and sellers

Ans 10. Reinsurance

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