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One Word Substitution Capsule : 100 Words

Published on Saturday, February 20, 2016
one word substitutions
  1. To relax in a countryside far away from the humdrum of town- Rusticate
  2. The most capable part of a group, town or place- Elite
  3. One who flaunts newly acquired wealth- Parvenu
  4. The intelligent and educated group or class of a society or country- Intelligentsia
  5. Weariness of and sadness for life and world- Weltschmerz
  6. Boredom and frustration- Ennui
  7. Shy, timid, unwilling to face a situation- Diffident
  8. One who looks at everything from a personal point of view- Egocentric
  9. One who is chivalrous, idealistic and unpractical- Quixotic
  10. One who is grave and gloomy- Saturnine
  11. One who gets pleasure in others trouble and pain- Sadistic
  12. The act of enjoying or having an experience indirectly- Vicariously
  13. The tendency to postpone things for future- Procrastination
  14. The art of effective speaking- Elocution
  15. To spend life without purpose and initiative- Vegetate
  16. One who is interested in the welfare of other people- Altruist
  17. One who believes in keeping things as they are- Conservative
  18. A girl who flirts egregiously- Coquette
  19. A woman who lures men to destroy them- Circe
  20. A tall, strong, masculine kind of woman- Virago
  21. A traitor who can sell out even his friend- Judas
  22. A person with vulgar taste- Vulgarian
  23. A person who flaunts learning all the time- Pedant
  24. Understanding without the interference of feelings- Empathy
  25. An embarrassing mistake- A faux pas
  26. A medley or heterogeneous mixture of great variety- Potpourri
  27. A slang of the underworld- Argot
  28. A language of a region having its own usage- Dialect
  29. A language of a special group- Patois
  30. The ascribing of human motivation, characteristic or behaviour to inanimate objects, animal or natural phenomena- Anthropomorphism
  31. A payment not legally binding but for which some moral obligation is felt- Ex gratia
  32. One who gives direction from behind the scene on a stage- Prompter
  33. A washing or cleansing of the body especially in a religious ceremony- Ablution
  34. Something perfectly neat and tidy- Immaculate
  35. A legal defence by which an accused  person tries to show that he was somewhere else when the crime was committed- Alibi
  36. The money that a court ask a man to pay to his divorced or legally separated wife- Alimony
  37. A treatise on one subject- Monograph
  38. A speech uttered by one person- Monologue
  39. Mental derangement confined to one idea- Monomania
  40. An airplane with one pair of wings- Monoplane
  41. Exclusive possession or control of anyone thing- Monopoly
  42. The group, especially in the arts, regarded as being the most experimental- Avant-grade
  43. Words or action showing deliberate contempt for sacred things- Blashphemy
  44. An official bulletin- Communique
  45. An agreement entered between two or more parties- Convenant
  46. A passage with only one end- Cul-de-sac
  47. Something very brightly colourful- Flamboyant
  48. The art of painting on a plaster surface- Fresco
  49. A record or table showing the descent of a person or a family- Genealogy
  50. A connoisseur of food and drink- Gourmet
  51. A person or thing that goes before and announces the coming of something- Harbinger
  52. A persistent anxiety about one’s health, usually involving imagined symptoms of illness- Hypochondria
  53. An odd, atypical or eccentric trait- Idiosyncrasy
  54. Not planned ahead of time- Impromptu
  55. To compensate a person, etc., for loss or damage- Lindemnify
  56. Originating or occurring naturally in the place or country where found- Indigenous
  57. A time between periods or events- Interim
  58. A plan for or the route to be followed on a journey- Itinerary
  59. A group of persons who band together for some secret purpose, especially for political intrigue- Junta
  60. A short journey for pleasure- Jaunt
  61. A swiftly changing scene or pattern- Kaleidoscope
  62. A lightly constructed open booth generally used as a newsstand- Kiosk
  63. That cannot be pacified- Implacable
  64. A written attack using humour to provoke contempt- Lampoon
  65. A false written statement to damage a person’s repute- Libel
  66. An instruction from an electorate to its representative- Mandate
  67. A full-size model of a complete or partial human figure- Mannequin
  68. Personal reminiscences in a narrative form- Memoir
  69. The manner of operating or proceeding- Modus
  70. A long wandering journey- Odyssey
  71. An authoritative decree or law of the government- Ordinance
  72. Causing or tending to cause sleep- Soporific
  73. Retired on account of age, usually with pension- Superannuated
  74. A substitute- Surrogate
  75. A close watch kept over someone- Surveillance
  76. Existing only in frame- Titular
  77. A short literary description marked by delicacy- Vignette
  78. A place where a monk lives- Monastery
  79. Unable to pay off one’s debt- Insolvent
  80. Language that has been very much used- Hackneyed
  81. Correct spelling- Orthography
  82. A place where ancient works are kept- Museum
  83. A very private room- Sanctum/ Sanctorum
  84. A place where mad men are kept- Lunatic/ asylum
  85. A war of religion- Crusade
  86. A lover of books- Bibliophile
  87. Animals that lie in water- Acquatic
  88. A written declaration made on an oath- Affidavit
  89. A bunch of flowers- Bouquet
  90. A child born of unlawful marriage- Bastard
  91. A game or battle where no party wins- Draw
  92. A person’s first speech- Maiden speech
  93. Killing a man- Homicide
  94. Killing one’s king- Regicide
  95. Killing one’s mother- Matricide
  96. Killing one’s father- Patricide
  97. Killing one’s brother- Fratricide
  98. Killing oneself- Suicide
  99. Animals that suckle their young- Mammals
  100. A speech made without preparation- Extempore
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