Vocabulary Bites with Explanations : Part 108

1. Promulgate
A. misinterpret 
B. support
C. officially make known
D. keep hidden

2. Moot
A. meaningful
B. careful
C. too late 
D. irrelevant

3. Cadaverous
A. incomplete 
B. corpse -like
C. dark
D. representative

4. Maladroit
A. inappropriate 
B. comical
C. clumsy
D. vicious

5. Quip
A. witty remark
B. small amount
C. formal accusation
D. hidden message

6. Circumscribe
A. restrict within limits
B. look around
C. describe in detail
D. vary

7. Jaundice
A. weakness
B. bias
C. obsession
D. openness

8. Implacable
A. tired
B. unable to be calmed 
C. merciful
D. unidentifiable

9. Construe
A. construct
B. interpret
C. deceive
D. mix up

10. Besmirch 
A. dishonor
B. hold in place
C. break apart
D. expend effort

11. Raconteur
A. traveler
B. coward 
C. criminal
D. storyteller

12. probity
A. tenseness
B. likelihood
C. integrity
D. curiosity

13. Relegate
A. tax unfairly
B. control
C. delay
D. lower in position

14. Excoriate
A. carry out
B. laugh
C. criticize harshly
D. involve illegally

15. Convivial
A. friendly and lively
B. supporting life
C. hectic
D. sociable


1. officially make known
2. irrelevant
3. corpse -like
4. clumsy
5. witty remark
6. restrict within limits
7. bias
8. unable to be calmed 
9. interpret
10. dishonor
11. storyteller
12. integrity
13. lower in position
14. criticize harshly
15.  friendly and lively

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