Vocabulary Bites with Explanations : Part 107

1. Bridle
    (a) injure
    (b) wed
    (c) restrain
    (d) lead
    (e) None of these

2. Unconscionable
    (a) unbelievable
    (b) unaware
    (c) unreasonable
    (d) undetectable
    (e) None of these

3. Promulgate
    (a) officially make known
    (b) keep hidden
    (c) misinterpret
    (d) support
    (e) None of these

4. Desiccated
    (a) lacking vitality
    (b) fragile
    (c) discussed widely
    (d) insulted
    (e) None of these

 5. Circumscribe
    (a) look around
    (b) vary
    (c) describe in detail
    (d) restrict within limits
    (e) None of these

6. Goad
    (a) restrain
    (b) watch over
    (c) find guilty
    (d) aggressively urge on
    (e) None of these

 7. Aboveboard
    (a) not complex
    (b) at a great height
    (c) honest
    (d) public
    (e) None of these

8. Factitious
    (a) artificial
    (b) based on reality
    (c) controversial
    (d) unconfirmed
    (e) None of these  

 9. Apposite
    (a) appropriate
    (b) unplacable
    (c) intelligent
    (d) succinct
    (e) None of these

10. Implacable
      (a) unable to be calmed
      (b) merciful
      (c) tired
      (d) unidentifiable
      (e) None of these

11. Zeitgeist
      (a) casual involvement
      (b) spirit of the times
      (c) strong disappointment
      (d) lack of interest
      (e) None of these

 12. Quip
      (a) hidden message
      (b) formal accusation
      (c) witty remark
      (d) small amount
      (e) None of these

 13. Lionize
      (a) degrade
      (b) debate
      (c) celebrate
      (d) act courageously
      (e) None of these

 14. Vaunted
       (a) boasted about
       (b) special
       (c) abnormal
       (d) towering
       (e) None of these

15. Aesthete
      (a) unimportant person
      (b) physically gifted person
      (c) intellectual
      (d) appreciator of beauty
      (e) None of these


1. restrain
2. unreasonable
3. officially make known
4. lacking vitality
5. restrict within limits
6. aggressively urge on
7. honest
8. artificial
9. appropriate
10. unable to be calmed
11. spirit of the times
12. witty remark
13. celebrate
14. boasted about
15. appreciator of beauty
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