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Ancient India History Quiz for SSC and Railways Exams (Set- 2)

Published on Friday, March 11, 2016
Dear Readers,
Today we are presenting you a 10 question set on Ancient India History which is very important for your upcoming SSC CGL 2016 and RRB NTPC 2016. Try to solve it.

Ancient India History Quiz for SSC and Railways Exams

1. The religious movements of Buddhism and Jainism were led by _____________.
a) Sudras
b) Kshatriya Princes
c) Vaisyas
d) Brahmins

2. Mudra Rakshasa was written by ____________.
a) Kalidasa
b) Visakadatta
c) Bana
d) Bharavi

3. The capital of the king Kharavela of Kalinga was ______________.
a) Taxila
b) Pataliputra
c) Kalinganagara
d) Pushpapura

4. Chandragupta Mourya was_____________.
a) A benevolent despot
b) Autocrat
c) Democrat
d) A pious ruler

5. The Buddha attained nirvana at ______________.
a) Bodh Gaya
b) Sarnath
c) Sanchi
d) Kusinagara

6. Kautilya hailed from ______________.
a) Taxila
b) Srinagar
c) Pataliputra
d) Nepal

7. Alexander was the son of Philip II of _____________.
a) Sparta
b) Athens
c) Macedonia
d) Carthage

8. Kanishka was the follower of _____________.
a) Hinduism
b) Jainism
c) Hinayanism
d) Mahayanism

9. Vardhamana Mahavira died at ______________.
a) Pavapuri
b) Kundagrama
c) Pataliputra
d) Taxila

10. Pushyamitra Sunga was a staunch of ___________.
a) Buddhist
b) Jain
c) Hindu
d) Atheist


1. b) Kshatriya Princes
2. b) Visakadatta
3. c) Kalinganagara
4. a) A benevolent despot
5. d) Kusinagara
6. a) Taxila
7. c) Macedonia
8. d) Mahayanism
9. a) Pavapuri
10. c) Hindu


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