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Banking Awareness Quiz - Part 114

Published on Monday, March 14, 2016
Banking Awareness Quiz
1. Government policy to raise income by additional taxes and allocation of expenditure is called:
    (a) Expenditure policy
    (b) Monetary policy
    (c) Income policy
    (d) Fiscal policy

 2. In case of Term Loans, the period of limitation is calculated as three years from:
    (a) Date of documents
    (b) Date of sanction
    (c) Date of default
    (d) Due date of each installment
    (e) None of these

3. ISO 14000 deals with quality standard for:
    (a) Environmental Management
    (b) Technology Management
    (c) Knowledge Management
    (d) Information Management
    (e) None of these

4. Providing various services relating to Capital Market is called:
    (a) Merchant Banking
    (b) Retail Banking
    (c) Narrow Banking
    (d) Modern Banking
    (e) None of these

5. Remittance under the Guarantee Bond Scheme can be accepted from:
    (a) only Associated Banks
    (b) only Nationalized Banks
    (c) only foreign Banks
    (d) all Scheduled Banks and Co-operative Banks
    (e) None of these

 6. Blue chip securities refer to :
    (a) shares of any company
    (b) shares of companies, which are listed at any of the stock exchanges
    (c) shares of good companies
    (d) All of the above
    (e) None of these

7. Which of the following is not included in government securities:
    (a) Promissory Notes
    (b) Debentures
    (c) Bearer Bonds
    (d) All of these
    (e) None of these

8. TDR offered as security for an advance is transferred to the bank by way of :
    (a) pledge
    (b) charge
    (c) assignment
    (d) All of  these
    (e) None of these

 9. The Bank which has entered into carbon credit trading advisory services is:
     (a) ICICI Bank
     (b) UCO Bank
     (c) IDBI Bank
     (d) Yes Bank
     (e) None of these

10. The Financial Year of RBI starts from :
      (a) 1st April
      (b) 1st June
      (c) 1st July
      (d) 1st December
      (e) None of these

11. The major shareholders in Asset Reconstruction Company of India Limited (ARCIL) other than SBI are:
      (a) IDBI & Canara Bank
      (b) ICICI & HDFC
      (c) IDBI & HDFC
      (d) IDBI & ICICI
      (e) None of these

12. When a country decides to conduct trade on favorable terms with another country for mutual benefits, this is called:
      (a) FTA System
      (b) MFN Status
      (c) Bilateral Trade
      (d) Counter Trade
      (e) None of these

13. When banks invest their deposit accruals in Government securities, it is called:
       (a) Asset Securitization
       (b) Hedging
       (c) Narrow Banking
       (d) Forfaiting
       (e) None of these

 14. Banking Sector will fall under which of the following:
      (a) Agricultural Sector
      (b) Service Sector
      (c) Manufacturing Sector
      (d) Industrial Sector
      (e) None of these

15. "Working Capital" means:
      (a) Own Capital of the Proprietor
      (b) Borrowed Capital
      (c) All Assets minus All Liabilities
      (d) Current Assets minus Current Liabilities
      (e) None of these


1. Fiscal policy
2. Due date of each installment
3. Environmental Management
4. Merchant Banking
5. all Scheduled Banks and Co-operative Banks
6. shares of good companies
7. Debentures
8. assignment
9. IDBI Bank
10. 1st July
12. MFN Status
13. Narrow Banking
14. Service Sector
15. Current Assets minus Current Liabilities


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