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Constitution of India Quiz: Part 5

Constitution of India
Ques 1.
At the time of enactment  of the Constitution which on of the following  ideas was  not included  in the  preamble ?
(a) Justice 
(b) Socialist
(c) Liberty 
(d) Equality

Ques 2.
Money can be spent out of the consolidated  Fund  of India  with the approval of :
(a) The parliament
(b) The Speaker  of Lok Sabha
(c) The Comptroller  and Auditor General
(d) The  president

Ques 3.
Article, 32 of the Indian  Constitution stands for ;
(a) Right to Constitutional  Remedies 
(b) Right against Exploitation
(c) Right of Equality
(d) Right of Religion

Ques 4.
Which of the following is not a Fundamental Right ?
(a) Right against exploitation
(b) Equality before law
(c) Right to freedom to religion
(d) Equal pay for equal work

Ques 5.
India has :
(a) parliamentary  system.
(b) presidential  system
(c) Quasi - presidential system 
(d) plural executive system

Ques 6.
The party  system is the part of which larger system among the following ?
(a) Social system
(b) Economic system
(c) political system
(d) International system

Ques 7.
In which part of the Indian Constitution , the fundamental duties are enshrined ?
(a) IV B
(b) V
(c) IV
(d) IV A

Ques 8.
The vacancy of the office of the president must be  filled within :
(a) 12 months 
(b) 1 months 
(c) 3 months 
(d) 6 months 

Ques 9.
The Community Development  programme  was launched in the year:
(a)  1950
(b) 1952
(c) 1951
(d) 1953

Ques 10.
What is the minimum period permisible  between  two session  of parliament ?
(a) 6 months 
(b) 4 months 
(c) 6 months, 10 days 
(d) 90 days  

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