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Constitution of India Quiz for SSC and RRB : Part 4

Published on Monday, March 07, 2016
Constitution of India Quiz
Ques 1.
Who appoints Secretary  General of the Lok Sabha ?
(a) President
(b) Leader  of Ruling Party
(c) Deputy Speaker
(d) Speaker 

Ques 2.
The judge of Supreme Court hold  office till they reach the age of :
(a) 65 yr
(b) 58 yr
(c) 60 yr
(d) 62 yr

Ques 3.
Who said that 'parliamentary democracy means one individual and one vote ?
(a) Jawaharlal Nehru
(b) M.K Gandhi
(c) Dr B  R  Ambedkar
(d) Sardar Patel

Ques 4.
Which part of the Constitution is associated  with the  provision  of citizenship ?
(a) II
(b) III
(c) IV
(d) V

Ques 5.
Democratic  decentralization refers to
(a)  federal government
(b) parliamentary government
(c) democratic government
(d) local government

Ques 6.
How many members  are nominated by the  president of India to the  Rajya sabha?
(a) five
(b) six
(c) nine
(d) None of these

Ques 7.
Fundamentals duties are enshrined in :
(a) Part IV , Article 51
(b) Part IV , Article 51A
(c) Part IV , Article 51
(d) Part IV A , Article 51A

Ques 8.
The clemency to capital punishment is granted by :
(a) President of India
(b) Chief justice of India
(c) Prime Minister of India
(d) The  parliament

Ques 9.
The members of Lok Sabha  are elected  and  represented on the basis of ;
(a) area of the state
(b) population
(c) community
(d) literacy rate

Ques 10.
The Attorney General of India shall hold office during the pleasure of :
(a) president
(b) Prime  Minster
(c) Parliament
(d) Chief Justice

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