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Expected GK Questions from Census 2011

Published on Monday, March 14, 2016
Dear FriendsHere is the Expected GK Questions from Census 2011 were given here. Those candidates who are preparing for Railways RRB, SSC CGL and Upcoming Exams in 2016 can use this material for preparation.
Questions Answers
Census 2011 is the which census of India 15th (After Independence-7th)
Slogan of Census 2011 Our Census, Our Future.
Census Commissioner of India in 2011 C. Chanderamouli.
Total Population of India According to 2011 census 121 crore
According to census 2011 what is the population density of India 382
What is the total number districts in India as per census 2011? 640
According to Census 2011, India has the what % of World’s population? 17.5%
What is the population growth rate of India in Census 2011? 17.64%
What is the total literacy rate of India? 74.04%
Male literacy rate of India as per Census 2011 82.14%,
Female literacy rate of India as per Census 2011 65.46%
Most literate state in India (Rate) Kerala (93.91%)
Least Literate state in India (Rate) Bihar(63.82%)
Most Literate Union Territory in India (Rate) Lakshadweep (91.85%)
Least Literate Union Territory in India (Rate) Dadar and Nagar Haveli
Most populated State in India Uttar Pradesh
Least populated State in India Sikkim
According to Census 2011 which Indian state has highest fertility rate? Meghalaya
State with Highest population density Bihar(1102)
State with Lowest population density Arunachal Pradesh(17)
Female sex ratio against 1000 male 940 females
State with Highest sex ratio Kerala (1084/1000)
State with Lowest sex ratio? Haryana
UT which has Highest Sex Ratio Pondicherry
UT which has Lowest Sex Ratio Lakshadeep
State which has Highest urban population Maharashtra
State which has Lowest urban population Sikkim
State which has Highest rural population Uttar Pradesh
State which has Lowest rural population? Sikkim
According to Census 2011 which is the most populated district Thane
Which Union Territory has Lowest population with the Population of 64,429 Lakshadweep
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