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List of Fathers of Various Fields

Published on Saturday, March 12, 2016
Field Father
Atom Bomb Dr. Robert Oppenheime
Aviation Sir George Cayley
Chemistry Robert Boyle
Comedy Aristophanes
Economics Adam smith
English Poetry Geoffrey Chaucer
Greek Tragedy Aeschylus
Immunology Edward Jenner
Modern  Chemistry Antoini Lavoisier
Nuclear physics Ernest  Rutherford
Sanskrit Grammar Panini
Geography Eratosthenes
Sociology Auguste comte
Mathematics archimedes
Computer Charles Babbage
Biology Aristotle
Microbiology Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch
Political Science Aristotle
Modern philosophy Rene Descartes
Psychology Wilhelmam wundt
Modern observational Astronomy Galileo galilei
Modern physics Science Galileo galilei
Modern Science Galileo Galilei
Nano technology Richard Smalley
Indian Nuclear Science Homi jehangir Bhabha
Anatomy Andreas Vesalius
Geometry Euclid
Internet Vinton Cerf

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