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GK Questions Asked in RRB CBT Exam (29.03.2016) - 1st Shift

Published on Tuesday, March 29, 2016
1. Where paper invented?
Ans: China.
2. UNESCO headquarter?
Ans: Paris

3. Gases Causing greenhouse effect?
Ans: water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone.
4. Interpol headquarter?
Ans: Lyon, France
5. 'Tee' term associated with which sports?
Ans: Golf
6. Who is Chief justice of India?
Ans: Justice TS Thakur
7. Who is known as semant(Frontier) Gandhi?
Ans: Khan Abdul Gaffar khan
8. National song written by?
Ans: Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay,
9. Where is Kunchilal water falls?
Ans: Karnataka
10. Largest non polar desert in the world?
Ans: Sahara
11. Where is the island of Sychelles located?
Ans: Mahe
12. Last Mughal emperor?
Ans: Bahadur Shah Zafar
13. Environment day
Ans: 5 June
14. Which is landlocked country?
Ans: Kyrgyzstan
15. Quit India Revolution?
Ans: 8 August 1942
16. Thailand currency?
Ans: Thai baht
17. Smallest bone in human body?
Ans: stapes
18. Subhash chandra bose father name ?
Ans: Janakinath Bose
19. Organ that can grow and regenerate?
Ans: liver
20. Land locked country?
Ans: Liechtenstein in Central Europe, surrounded by Switzerland and Austria.
21. Pollination by wind is called?
Ans: Anemophily or wind pollination
22. Brightest star in our sky?
Ans: Sirius A
23. A Passage to Infinity: Medieval Indian Mathematics from Kerala and Its Impact written by?
Ans: George Gheverghese Joseph
24. Mangalyan launched from?
Ans: Sriharikota
25. RBI Nationalised in which year?
Ans: 1949
26. Queen berry rules in which game?
Ans: modern boxing
27. A Deep crack in glacier is called?
Ans: crevasse
28. Largest fresh water lake?
Ans: Lake Baikal
29. Granite is an example of?
Ans: Igneous
30. Din-i-illahi founder?
Ans: Mughal emperor Akbar
31. Football world cup team to win maximum no. Of times?
Ans: Brazil.
32. Aurum is which metal?
Ans: Gold

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