GK Questions Asked in RRB CBT Exam (31.03.2016) - 3rd Shift

1) Indian village where people speak in Sanskrit?
Ans: Mattur 

2) What is Guru Shikhar?
Ans: A peak in the Arbuda Mountains of Rajasthan 

3) Mycologyo is study of?
Ans: Study of fungi 

4) “Live as if you were to die tomorrow” told by?
Ans: Mahatma Gandhi 

5) “Life on My Terms: From the Grassroots to the Corridors of Power” is an autobiography of?
Ans: Sharad Pawar 

6) PM born after Independence?
Ans: Narendra Modi 

7) What is English IVY?
Ans: Flowering Plant 

8) Who is Chanda Kochhar?
Ans: MD & CEO of ICICI bank 

9) Language spoken in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka?
Ans: Tamil 

10) Who discovered Pencillin?
Ans: Alexander Fleming 

11) Involuntary muscles are not found in?
Ans: Hand 


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