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How to Improve your English Vocabulary

Published on Tuesday, March 22, 2016
English, English, English. We all have struggled with it at some point or the other.
If you are a person like me who is preparing for various government exams hen I be his article will be very important for you.

Let’s find out how we can improve our vocabulary by bringing out small changes in our day to day life.

Breathe English

As Amtiabh Bacchan popularly said “I can Talk English, I can walk English, I can Laugh English because English is a very Funny Language”, I would suggest everybody to practice that seriously.

Quit perusing news papers in your primary language, Read English news papers.
Quit watching news in your primary language, watch English news.
Quit talking in your primary language, talk in English.
Make English as your oxygen. Breathe English.

Keep a journal

Yes, write things up in it. It could be your day to day life or anything. Just make sure you write down in it daily. This will help you to translate your thought process from Hindi to English.

Read a book

No matter how cliché does it sound but yes it does help in improving vocabulary. I was never a reader but since the time I started reading, it has helped me immensely. I have grasped a lot of new words. Further, it has helped me to be much more imaginative as books helps you to build your imagination.

Download a dictionary application in your smartphone

Download a dictionary app in your phone. Gone are the days when we had to keep an oxford dictionary in our school bags. Thanks to technology, you can actually keep an app now. I have downloaded “Oxford Advanced Dictionary” in my phone.

So, every time I hear a new word, I don’t have to wait to reach home and then open the dictionary and finally look for the meaning. I can immediately check my app and find out the meaning. And guess what, its and offline app.

Update your perosnal Vocabulary journal

  • Learn at least five new words daily. Write these new words and their meaning in your journal and make sure you use them when you converse. It will help you a lot.

Watch English Television Series

Now this one is my favorite J . Watch English Television Series. Yes, you read it right. Watch television series such as Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Breaking Bad etc. These TV series have everything in them, British accents, superb acting, London, long and playful conversations with a lot of humor and incredible stories. Plus perfect pronunciations. You would learn a lot about phonetics while watching them.

Learn new words

And the last one, use tricks to remember new words. This one is pretty interesting and creative.

For eg; EGREGIOUS which means outstandingly bad or shocking can be remembered as EGG REACH US - imagine we've made a mistake so bad that they are throwing eggs at us and a rotten EGG REACHes US.
Such funny little word pictures will help you remember what words means, and they are fun to make up. Also, find out which learning style suits you best.
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