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Indian Geography Quiz for SSC and Railway Exams (Set - 4)

Published on Tuesday, March 29, 2016
Dear Readers,
Today we are presenting you a 10 question set onIndian Geography which is very important for your upcoming SSC CGL 2016 and RRB NTPC 2016. Try to solve it.

Indian Geography Quiz for SSC and Railway Exams

1. Which of the following is not renowned for the manufacture of silk?
a) Bhagalpur (Bihar)
b) Srinagar (J&K)
c) Moradabad (UP)
d) Mysuru (Karnataka) 

2. The first cement factory was built in India in 1904 at
a) Ranchi
b) Hazaribagh
c) Chennai
d) Hyderabad 

3. The first shorebased integrated steel project in india is coming up at
a) Ernakulam
b) Tuticorin
c) Visakhapatnam
d) Mangalore 

4. The first coal mine in India was opened at
a) Dhanbad
b) Jharia
c) Raniganj
d) Asansol 

5. What is Obra?
a) Copper project in Rajasthan
b) Super thermal power project in Uttar Pradesh
c) Atomic power plant at Kalpakkam
d) Hydroelectric project in Uttar Pradesh 

6. The State having the maximum number of oil wells on its land portion is
a) Gujarat
b) Maharashtra
c) Assam
d) Bihar 

7. Which of the following is not an international airport?
a) Palam
b) Dum Dum
c) Meenambakkam
d) Ahmedabad 

8. India has the world's highest road which connects
a) Leh and Srinagar
b) Leh and Manali
c) Srinagar and Jammu
d) Sikkim and Darjeeling 

9. Where is Arvi, earth station for satellite communication
a) Uttar Pradesh
b) Tamil Nadu
c) Maharashtra
d) Gujarat 

10. Where was India's rocket launching station set up?
a) Sriharikota
b) Arvi
c) Thumba
d) Pory Blair


1. c) Moradabad (UP)
2. c) Chennai
3. c) Visakhapatnam
4. c) Raniganj
5. b) Super thermal power project in Uttar Pradesh
6. a) Gujarat
7. d) Ahmedabad
8. b) Leh and Manali
9. d) Gujarat
10. c) Thumba

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